It’s not about us, it’s all about YOU!




You are most likely an Owner Manager of your own Micro – SME business or the Managing Director. It doesn’t matter whether you started the company, inherited it or bought it, or whether you trade B2B, B2C, online / offline in product or services!  It does matter that you have a desire to learn in order to achieve more.

You likely enjoy meeting, sharing and learning from other business owners, and understand and are willing to work collectively to benefit both yourself and others.

You may or may not have had a business coach before, but you are not one to make comparisons with others, or use the phrase “But that would never work in my business!

If you feel this resonates with you, then it’s most likely you’re going to love what we offer and the My TrueNORTH community we continue to build.

Hi, I’m Jay, The Founder of MyTrueNORTH…

My TrueNORTH is an ETHICAL COACHING COMPANY. We take great pride in getting to know each and every one of our many clients. Ensuring we understand implicitly the business owner’s goals, aims, aspirations. As your coach, it helps us work with you to achieve YOUR Success Summit.

Read an Interview with Jay

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dedicated to the service and support of others. From my choice to study Social Sciences and Education, to my time as an Advanced Trauma Medic in the British Army, through to my role both as an international motivational speaker and business coach; I’ve always had a desire to help and support others.

I’ve never stopped learning and have always been keen to share that learning with others. It is only through experience and the sharing of experiences that we learn, and I’ve devoted my life to the significant and sustainable growth of both people and their businesses.

Collaboration is exceptionally important to me. The sharing of knowledge is far more powerful than that of knowing, and it is this inner drive and desire to see others do well, that keeps me striving to do more, accomplish more, help more.

A little about my background experience…

  • Left Education with a High National Diploma
  • Over 12 years Military Service
  • Worked at Boardroom Level for 2 National Supermarket chains
  • Either Bought, Acquired or Set up from Scratch 4 of my own businesses
  • Previously, Strategic Lead on the-Exec Board for a transformation business working with MoD, Emergency Services, Long term ill, Refugee’s and the LGBT communities
  • Previous Chair of the Board of Trustee’s for a Registered Charity
  • 2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner
  • Listed on the Smith & Williamson ‘Clear Business Thinking’ Power 100

What now?

If what you’ve read above, both about my description of you! and about me and my past, sound both accurate and interesting, then I’m really looking forward to chatting further with you about how we might work together to significantly and sustainably grow both you and your business.

Let’s grab a VIRTUAL COFFEE to learn a little more about YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR mission


However, if my description of ABOUT YOU is so far off the mark, and it appears I’m talking about someone completely different to you, then My TrueNORTH may not be the right coaching solution for you! 

And that’s ok! I’d be only to happy to recommend you to a number of my fellow coaching colleagues who may be able to assist further.