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Regardless of circles that you mix in, it’s not that often you get the chance to sit and chat over lunch with a self-made billionaire!

Yet, on the 15th June 2017; I was invited to an intimate lunch in Manchester city centre, at which; amongst others was Mr. Ajax Ahmed the co-founder of Freeserve!

22 of us gathered to discuss how we might work collaboratively to support and recognise the growth of British Entrepreneurs. Both I and a number of other entrepreneurs there are currently listed on the Smith and Williamson Power 100 list, others from their association with the government think tank ‘Clear Business Thinking’ but collectively we were there to share and learn from each other.

Unlike many of the other networking events, corporate lunches and conferences I’ve attended where it’s almost a sales fest of who’s got the loudest voice, the more gregarious shirt, and the flashiest business card, Ajax (who didn’t want to sit at head of the table, but be amongst the people) simply suggested we ‘cut the crap’ put away the ego’s and work together for the greater good of all!

For almost 3 hours, we collaborated, we shared our thoughts and visions, our experience and connections, we worked cohesively without any consideration of cost or value or materialistic things, and the room was awash with opportunity, and it felt GOOD.

Bad things happen!

Sure, I know that. There is much uncertainty in the world. Right now, just here in the UK, we’ve got Brexit, a failed general election resulting in a hung parliament, terrorist attacks, and burning buildings; I know all of that, and I get it.

But good things happen as well. And right there, in that room, just a couple of hundred metres from where the recent terrorist bomb attack took place less than a month prior; good things were happening.

The future is bright, the future is now, the future is whatever you want it to be!

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