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There's a long and a short answer to this one, but in a nutshell, the answer is probably not, and that's a GOOD thing. You see, I don't need to know about the 'nuts and bolts' detail of your business to be able to work with you! You see, I'm not applying for a job, and don't need to be able to DO the job, in order to be in the best position to coach you on running a business. What I DO have is a proven track record of working with business owners to significantly and sustainably grow them and their businesses.
Whilst I predominantly work with established businesses, I never say No. So, so whilst you might currently be a 'start-up' it's about where you want to end up not where you are starting out from that's most important to me. Our JSO Lunch Club is a great place to start as someone new to business or new to coaching.
That's great, so you already understand the benefit of coaching, and have something in place. Ironically, I also have a coach, and also work to support 4 other coaching professionals; you see there are many facets to coaching, and it's about ensuring you have the right level of support at the right time in order to ensure your working at your optimum

Coaching Questions

We recognise the term coach when it comes to any sport, and have seen many a top athlete refer to the coaches support when receiving their Gold Medal. Yet, outside of sport a little less common. The two are significantly linked though: Any athelete wishing to achieve the best they are capable of understands the need to work with a reputable coach to push, train and hold them to account to achieve more than they would otherwise be possible. The same in business. You can achieve much, but to achieve most, you need a coach! I've got one also, and so should you!
There are many coaches out there, offering many different ways of coaching. Choosing a coach is almost like choosing a good pair of running shoes! Nike, Addidas, Asics all produce good quality running shoes, but some prefer one whilst others another. I'm a 'conversational' coach, with a myriad of examples, case studies and statistics to support our conversations. I've got a big heart and just as big pair of shoes! I'm just as comfortable giving you some support and recognition when you achieve results, as I am giving you a (metaphoric) kick if you need to be spurred on to achieve more.
We do, because we want to support business owners in a variety of ways dependant on their need and circumstance. We offer ALL business owners a complimentary coaching call, to determine a little more about you, your business, where you are and where you want you and your business to be, so we can best advise on the right method of achieving that.
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