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Whilst attending a Business event earlier today, the icebreaker challenge was posed

“If you had an infinite amount of time and money where would you go on holiday and why?”

Whilst everyone had an interesting idea of where they would like to go and offered a good reason for their destination from ‘seeing long lost friends and family’ to ‘somewhere I’ve always wanted to go’ it did make me wonder…..

You see the question was “If you had an infinite amount of time and money…….

Yet when I heard the responses in the room, alarm bells began to ring in my head!

You see, what people invariably do, when invited to step outside their comfort zone, is actually the polar opposite! and return to our safety blanket of what we are currently accustomed to and opted for 2 weeks with the kids here or a month here!

However, nobody at that event raised their thinking to the highest possibilities based on an INFINITE amount of TIME and MONEY!  Why would we take 2 weeks, if time was no object?  Why would we consider 1 destination when money is NO OBJECT?

I’ve just got back to the office and typed ‘Most expensive holiday in the world’ and learned of a 20-day excursion that costs a cool £11M!!! (Full story found here)

And THIS is why we should all STOP and consider: Are we thinking the right thoughts, taking the right actions, being the right person in order to truly grow ourselves and our businesses!

I’m in the final stages of writing my 3rd book ‘The Entrepreneurs Guide to Sustainable Growth’ which is due to be published (probably by 10-10-10 publications of NYC) in July 2017.  However, in the front cover of my most recent book ‘The Road to Utopia (and how to take a shortcut)’ I always write the same quote:

“Our future shall ultimately be determined by the quality of questions we learn to ask of ourselves!”

Which ultimately translates to: If we want a better future, we have to first learn how to ask better questions.

I thought this icebreaker question was a great question, but the answers given may fall short of where we want our lives to be, and that’s the first fundamental mistake in business – Most business owners don’t think big enough to enable their businesses to grow sufficiently to give them what they originally wanted from the business.

It’s all about having a plan.

  So, here’s mine: In July 2020, I shall move to the companies new accommodation in the South of France, an 18-bed chateau with grounds and outbuildings in order to continue providing our #ADDAZERO Business Mastermind groups to business owners who are ready and willing to significantly and sustainably grow them and their businesses.

Whilst many are interested by numbers, and the thought of hitting a 7 figure milestone is a dream of theirs, the simple fact is, it’s just another number added to the 6 figure business you previously had!  Therefore my business mission doesn’t look at turnover or profit!  We are the UK’s leading Ethical Coaching Business, and it is my mission to enable ALL of our clients the ability to grow sufficiently to be able to afford (and see the benefit) in employing at least one more person every year we work with them.  You see, there are still more privately owned businesses in the UK than there are unemployed, and so we have the capability and through our coaching the capacity to enable our clients to employ sufficient people to eradicate UK unemployment!!!!


It sounds odd, weird, wrong even, but BFAG is a BIG, FAT, AUDACIOUS, GOAL! And without it, we’ll continue around the merry-go-round awaiting our pension!

I’ve shared with you MY BFAG, I wonder whats yours?…….

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