Money saving tips that simple DON’T WORK!

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I choose to drive a brand new executive saloon for which I pay handsomely for! However the experience I get from both the car and the customer services are second to none.

On Thursday night last week I was traveling home on the motorway when I got a flat tyre. I wasn’t aware of this (it didn’t change in drivability or noise or performance or anything) I simply got a light on the dash to advise I was now operating on a run flat tyre!

As soon as the vehicle was stationary the ‘onboard assistance’ flashed to show a message from the manufacturer’s ‘onboard assistant’ had been made aware of my flat tyre and wish to know if I required assistance?

As this car doesn’t come with a spare tyre! (Just a can of spray) I accepted and was immediately connected with their ‘Roadside assistance’ team who advised me they could see exactly where I was and would direct the AA to me within the hour!!!

Exactly on the hour, I received a call from the AA advising owing to high work volume they had ‘outsourced’ the job to a local recovery firm who would be with me ‘within the hour’

An hour later (now 2am) and said local firm arrived, confirmed the tyre was flat, made a phone call and drove off!

My call back to the AA advised they had quoted ‘too much’ for the repair and that THEY would would attend to provide the recovery!

45mins later and a recovery truck (exactly the same as the local truck but provided by AA rather than A Another) collected my vehicle and returned me and it to my home address.

The following morning, I call to enquire “What next?” as I still have a flat tyre, and still do not have spare…….to go through exactly the same rigmarole again!
Manufacturer roadside assist to AA
AA to sub contractor
Subcontractor unable to attend within workable time frame
Subcontractor back to AA

Eventually I gave up and spoke to the local tyre garage who came out, removed wheel from car, took it away, repaired it and returned it within the hour!  and all for £21 LESS than my manufacturer’s maintenance package would have billed me and without the hassle of waiting for recovery trucks, being shipped back out to the nearest dealer to wait only to then have to drive back home again!!!!

My point here, is just because WE might think were being clever by outsourcing additional services to concentrate on our core business, it doesn’t mean you can forget about it!  You MUST ensure quality assurance to ensure your client continues to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you and YOUR brand. It is critical to measure the experience throughout the customer journey, NOT just the bit YOU provide directly!

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