Our Methods

The 4 Main Methods used by MyTrueNORTH...

1:1 Coaching

Stuck in a rut?

Not sure where to start?

Uncertain as to what to do next?

Then perhaps you need an award winning Business Success Strategy Coach!

Pathfinder Mastermind™

We don’t know, what we don’t know! Every business owner can at times run into a hurdle, problem or uncertainty that prevents them from making progress in their business. Every time this happens it slows both you and the business down, damages confidence and puts future growth at risk.

Learning from industry experts and getting to pose YOUR questions and concerns is a surefire way to accelerate your learning and your growth.

Explorer Mastermind™

The concept of a Mastermind is not new. Napoleon Hill first spoke of the regular coming together of a group of like-minded people to form a mastermind over 75 years ago. The concept has continued to grow, and is stronger now to those who are dedicated to significantly and sustainably grow their businesses.

Mountain Summit Seeker™ Mastermind Retreat

Our Mountain Summit SeekersTM MasterMind Group is the Elite MasterMind group for MasterMinders!  and for 16 seriously dedicated business owners, the ultimate in both personal and professional development to significantly and sustainably grow their businesses.

“Jay really knows his stuff. He gave me some fantastic ideas and expert tips for how to present to a big audience. I would really recommend talking to Jay about any area of your business and particularly how to put over your message on a stage.”

Lucy Matthews, Owner of Marvellous PR and Director at Business Master

“Jay brings a wealth of both personal and business experience upon which he is able to draw to illustrate salient points of learning and to motivate action in business owners looking to achieve success. He is direct and concise, approaching all issues from an objective perspective and provides excellent coaching and mentoring to each and every client he works with.”

Gemma Toner, Achieve Breakthrough