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The concept of a Mastermind is not new…

Let’s face it, running your own business can be a lonely existence. With everyone looking to you to guide the business BUT who do you look to? Who guides you?

We don’t know, what we don’t know. But often find ourselves doing the same things again and again, hoping for a different result!

Over 85 years ago Napoleon Hill first spoke of regular meetings with a group of like-minded people who shared problems to collectively solve, thus forming a master – mind. Then almost 65 years later (courtesy of Dale Carnegie) his work became THE bible for significant business growth with the publication of Think and Grow Rich! Since then, the Mastermind concept has continued to grow. It’s stronger now than ever before, the results of which speak for themselves for anyone dedicated to the significant and sustainable growth of them and their businesses.

This is a minimum 12-month commitment.

One FULL day EVERY OTHER MONTH, with dedicated 1:1 coaching throughout the year.

The sole aim to significantly and sustainably grow YOU and YOUR business.

To work with other dedicated business owners.

What’s included in your membership;

  • Mastermind Qualifier Call
  • Initial 1:1 Goal Setting Session
  • 6 Bi-Monthly meetings (24Hrs)
  • Monthly 1:1 private coaching
  • Online portal to share thoughts, idea’s, suggestions with other mastermind members
  • End of year Success Supper
  • Following year Strategy Session

“I work meticulously with each Explorer.  Ensuring the right people are in the room, no competition, no ulterior motives.  Just the RIGHT team to help you significantly grow YOU and YOUR business.– Jay Allen

The Night Before:

Meet at 7pm for pre-dinner drinks and then a private-dinner presentation at 7.30 pm followed by private 3 courses dining. The night before is an integral part of the Mastermind program. You’ll quickly build rapport and trust with your fellow explorers in a relaxed setting. It’s vital to enable frank and open dialogue in the boardroom.

The night before is an integral part of the Mastermind program. You’ll build rapport and trust with your fellow explorers in an open and relaxed setting. It’s vital to enable frank and open dialogue in the boardroom.

Mastermind Day:

Starting at 07.57am, and with a theme for each meeting, Each Explorer gets their turn to ‘Pitch’ a particular problem, hurdle, or difficulty they may be facing to the group. It can be in any area of your business. We’ll work as a dedicated Mastermind team. Drill down, ask the right questions to provide you with the right solution to get you the right results.

It can be in any area of your business and we will then work as a dedicated Mastermind team to drill down, ask the right questions, and utilise every aspect of our shared skills, knowledge, background and experience to provide you with the right solution to get you the right results.

A tried and tested method of working. It’s been a catalyst for so many business owners significant and sustainable growth.

Away from the day to day of your business with the same team of like-minded individuals. Many choose never to leave their fellow Explorers, as the bond of trust is formed and knowledge built about each other. You’ll become an integral part of each others growth plan and shared successes.

Are YOU ready to Explore your Success Strategy?

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The level of investment to join Explorer Mastermind has been carefully considered. Too cheap and all you attract are tyre kickers and wannabe business owners, too expensive and you detract the right people from applying.

Unlike many other coaching/mentorship programs, our investment is ALL INCLUSIVE and covers:

  • Initial Qualifier call
  • Initial 1:1 Goal Setting Session
  • Bi-Monthly Mastermind meetings (including Hotel, Food, Table Drinks & digital recordings of all Mastermind sessions)
  • Managed online portal for ongoing support from fellow Masterminders
  • Personal Bi-Monthly 1:1 coaching
  • Annual Success Supper
  • Annual Strategy Session

Investment can be made in a number of ways:

  • One single upfront payment (Saving £1,395) – £6,995+VAT
  • 4 Quarterly payments (Saving £640) – 4 x £1,925+VAT p.q.
  • 12 x Monthly payments – £695+VAT p.c.m.

Aside from being one of the most generous and giving people I know, Jays extensive knowledge about business, and critically how to think like the top 1% of business owners, make him both fascinating and a pleasure to work with.

Jay will challenge your perspective, make you see an alternative way that most would never see, but most importantly helps you to find your WHY.

Jay is no ordinary business coach and puts his client’s life, love of their work and purpose at the core of everything he does, in a truly supportive and unique way.

Charles Gregory
Charles Gregory, Arts Photography

Jay is really Mr. Motivator – he really knows how to spur people on and get the best from them. I’m currently in one of his ADDAZERO Explorer Mastermind groups, and he comes highly recommended in my book.

Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward, Multi-award winning IP Lawyer

Jay has been essential in the growth and focus of our business development. His skills, vision, and experience have enabled us to sustain and grow our business and develop it into a destination for all. His support and knowledge have been inspiring and we will continue to work with Jay for as long as possible.

Phil Wareing
Phil Wareing, Hotelier