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The Ethical Coaching Company - Helping British Business Owners find their TrueNORTH

What is MyTrueNORTH

TrueNorth is ‘Base Camp’ for Business Owners who want to keep one step ahead. Working constantly and consistently together to ensure they have absolute clarity on their goals.

With the right team, navigational tools and encouragement, ensuring they remain on their TrueNorth. Not letting them be swayed by others goals, ambitions or opinion towards “Magnetic North.”

Our Current Capacity

1:1 Mentoring75%
Group Coaching66%

What We Offer? Ethical Coaching

Everything of any importance starts with a short story!

Suppose you decide to make a trek to the North Pole. You can’t catch an aeroplane!  So instead, you pull out a compass, watch the needle swing northward and plot a path…right? Wrong.

To get to the North Pole, or true north, just following your compass needle won’t work.

Now for a bit of geography!

If you want to get from a point at the bottom of a map to one at the top, you need to head true north. It’s a geographical direction represented on maps and globes by lines of longitude.

Each line of longitude begins and ends at the Earth’s poles and represents direct north and south.

Compasses direct you to Magnetic North. It’s a point in the arctic regions of Canada continually shifting location based on the activity of the Earth’s magnetic fields.

But the Earth’s magnet isn’t perfectly aligned with the geographical poles.

For that reason, there is a difference between true north on a map and the north indicated by your compass. Magnetic declination measures the angle between true north and magnetic north when plotted on a map. It varies from place to place, depending on the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic fields.  For instance, if you hold out a compass in New Zealand, magnetic north will be about 20 degrees east of true north. Whereas in Los Angeles it’s 12 degrees. Geographical lines do exist where true north and magnetic north align. They’re infrequent, forever changing and unreliable when following a path to a set destination.

In business, we all set out from our own ‘Base Camp’ seeking to  find our ‘Success Summit’. In business terms, we set up in business with a purpose, a goal, an intention to reach a certain level of success. And works towards it.

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What Our Clients Say About Us…

“Since joining Jay Allen’s Mastermind Group my business has taken some giant leaps forward both in terms of financials but also enjoyment and fun!. Working with Jay has really helped me to nail down each month what needs to happen in my business. Jay is a very good listener. He has a keen perception and he often brings a new perspective to a situation or matter. He brings a wealth of experience from his past career and his mentorship is taking things to another level. Make a smart decision for you, your family and your business and join Jay’s next Mastermind Group. Everybody needs a Jay on their team”

Phil O'Connor, Resolution Accredited IFA, Financial Adviser, Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner

“Having worked with Jay on numerous occasions now and can say with complete confidence that he is one of the knowledgeable, motivational business coaches you could hope to meet. Thorough, receptive, personable and entertaining. What more could one ask.”

Sean Benson, Director at PoppyBees

“Having been coached a number of times by Jay, I can say unreservedly he is one of the greatest, most inspiring and thought provoking people I have ever met. He gets you in the palm of his hands and keeps you there transfixed as he moves you to another level – a truly professional, honest and no nonsense guy. You must see it to believe it. He is without doubt up there with the best.”

Bob Mullard, CEO Triform Group

“Jay is a very confident, enthusiastic, professional trainer and business person. He has an easy and relaxed style which helps to fully explain difficult concepts. He has a vast knowledge base with a variety of differing experiences, which enables examples to be described which underpin the learning process”

Steve Phillips, Managing Director, Linked2Success