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In my (humble) opinion entrepreneurs fall into one of two camps!

  1. Those who want financial freedom
  2. Those who want time freedom

Don’t get me wrong it is possible to have both, but the priority is often what drives us to make it happen!  Those who want Financial freedom are willing to sacrifice time in order to achieve money in abundance.  Those who prefer time freedom will wait longer for the cash in order to preserve their work life balance.

It is this difference in desire, or of priority which determines the manner in which they conduct their business and the manner in which they wish to work with people like you and more.

What the majority of business owners fail to grasp, especially those who have been doing the doing for some time now, is that we have entered a new age of entrepreneurialism and making LOTS of money doesn’t have to either one take a life time or two take a lot of blood, sweat and tears either!

There is still a lot to be said for traditional business, for getting up early, going home late, treading the tread mill day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  It was THE way people made money.  But for some considerable time now the super rich have got there by leveraging time and money, by agreeing to things, OTHER people had to work hard to produce, whilst the ‘fat cats’ made their money on the shake of a hand and the deal being signed rather than on the completed product or service.

However, there is also new age money, and that means its never been easier to make alot of money quickly.  I regularly see and work with clients with micro small teams yet making 6 figures every month in online sales. The generation of wealth at will and their work, their contribution is more based on advertising spend and profit margins than it is on getting up early and putting the sweat in to make a living.

However, in BOTH of these scenarios one thing remains crystal clear; it is only once the customer journey has been mapped, tested, walked up and down a thousand times, broken, put back together and tested again that the magic happens.  It’s NEVER about you earning the cash, it’s ALWAYS got to be measured against customer experience, or these days referred to as VXO – Visitor eXperience Optimisation. It’s about ensuring EVERY visit, window shopper, tyre kicker and passer by things so fondly of you, they are willing to make that recommendation, the like, favourite, share with their network that makes things go viral and bank accounts fill!

My point here, is just because YOU priorities things in a certain way, doesn’t mean your projection of priority meets that of the other person. It is only when we understand THEIR level of expectation that we can exceed it with our own ability to perform!

Happy birthday Son, hope you enjoy YOUR customer experience today?

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