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How much does Thank you cost?
We often drop a quick “Thanks” at the end of a sentence, but

When did you last say “Thank you?”

When did you last say “Thank you” and mean it?

When did you last go out of your way, to demonstrate your thanks?

My nan always taught me “Manners costs you nothing” but having been in business now for a number of years although I know what she meant I actually beg to differ! (Sorry nan)

Earlier this week, I had applied, been accepted and traveled around an hour and a half to be ‘auditioned’ – I’m actually referring to a ‘Meet the Buyer’ Event.

I arrived early, assisted the event organiser to help set up the room, before nipping back to the car, calling into the hotel bathrooms to refresh and change into a fresh set of clothes before returning to the ‘Meet the Buyer’ evening.

5 Buyers from across Northern England and 9 ‘Sellers’ with the opportunity to audition for them, I was Number 6!  I waited and watched as one at a time we were given just 10 minutes to present our products/services to them whilst they made copious notes, before 5 minutes of feedback and your done!

The majority of us got positive feedback and the evening ended well.  The Buyers were thanked for their time and feedback before everyone began to disburse.  Whereas, I stayed to help the organiser to clear up and then had a quick drink together in the bar afterwards discussing the evenings activities.

However, I’m not sure how many of the other ‘Sellers’ will have blocked time out of their diary the following morning to send a 3-5 minute personalised video message to each of the 5 buyers and the event organiser, offering my thanks once again for their time and feedback and sharing with them a few little extra nuggets I’d run out of time and been prevented from mentioning!

Buyers email addresses are not the easiest to find (they don’t make it that easy!) so a further hour or so of research through company websites, LinkedIn and various other network sites before I’d got the direct contact of them all ready for the send.

However, would they open an unsolicited email, and click on a link to a video?

A clever subject line, too curious not to was sufficient to ensure it be opened, and using software to embed the video so no links were required was far more likely to ensure they got to see and hear me the following day once back in the office!

The Results?

All Five of the Buyers (and the organiser) watched the video

Three of the Buyers watched the video more than three times, one of them watched it seven times

Three of the Buyers emailed me back to offer thanks for my video

One of the Buyers shared my video on their Social Media

One of the Buyers sent a video email of thanks

Two of the Buyers have followed up and asked for a quote for work

One of the Buyers has booked directly from the quote

One of the Buyers has requested a meeting next week

One of the Buyers has requested a meeting in three months time

Manners are free, but the cost of saying thank you has generated me a 4 figure return of confirmed work within 3 days and increased the chance of further work massively!
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