Waterboarding horses!

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 You’ve heard the expression more than a few times

“You can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink!”

But how often do we actually stop and think about the information we have available to us, and determine if it’s worthy of staying in our heads and implementing, or whether it’s just clogging up space, preventing us from getting to the good stuff!

As a Business owner, you know stuff. You’re pretty damn good at it, and it generates a living for you and your family. But despite working harder and harder, despite early mornings and late nights, evenings and weekends you don’t seem to be making as much progress as ‘the other side’ who appear to be growing rapidly, opening new premises, taking on more staff and keep posting all over Facebook another set of holiday pictures!

Frustrating isn’t it?

Then there’s that nagging voice inside your head!  You know the one, the one which just as your about to do something new, or different or special says “You can’t do that!” just enough for you to either NOT do it, or do it with such doubt and fear, that you prove the voice right even thought it was actually the right thing for you to do!  You see, the voices inside your head are not entrepreneurs!  No, Far from it; the voices inside your head are institutionalised to work within the system for the system!

“You can’t teach a dog new tricks!”

There’s another one of those useless bits of information that we retain inside our minds, just waiting for the right opportunity to come along, only for the voice to spring out of nowhere and tell you, your too old, you won’t be able to do it, it’s for young people, people that understand technology or something else the voice enables you to feel inept at!

So we don’t differ from the norm, we stick to the plan in the hope the plan might eventually reward us for all our continuous hard work, by somehow miraculously turning your dreams into a reality (Enter the fairy godmother!)

If you always do, what you’ve always done,
You’ll always have, what you have already!

Heard that one before as well?  Then why is it, so many business owners continually refer to default when whatever they tried which was new or different didn’t present them with a golden rainbow the moment they tried it.

“I’ve tried that and is doesn’t work”

If I had £1, no; if I had 10pence for every time I’ve heard that old chestnut I’d still be a wealthy man than I am as a Smith & Williamson Power 100 listed Business Influencer and founder of the UK’s leading Ethical Coaching Company – My TrueNORTH!

You see, despite how hard I work, how many opportunities I present to a client, no matter how hard I push them to try something new, something different, something which JUST MIGHT get them to achieve more than they have ever otherwise done; the thought of doing something different is far more scary than the thought of carrying on doing what you’re doing, hoping for a different result!

And that’s the problem!  I can work with business owners who want to achieve significantly and sustainably more, more for them, more for their families, more for their business.  But it’s damn hard to work with anyone who SAYS they want it but isn’t prepared to do anything different.

There was a lot of controversy about the practices adopted within Guantanamo Bay, I may be an ex-soldier, but I’m not ready to introduce waterboarding into our coaching practice!

If you’d like some help to find your TrueNORTH, and willing to reflect on what you’ve achieved so far, whats working and whats not, and make positive steps to achieve your Utopia, then I’d love to help you; if your more likely to die from dehydration, don’t say I didn’t offer to help!

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