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To accelerate from growth to SCALE,
Add-a-Zero and fall back in love with your business
for what it delivers back to you?

A Proven Methodology to
SCALE your Business!

What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

The fear of failure, of success, of ‘getting it wrong, of the ‘unknown’, holds most business owners back from making the big decisions, that accelerate both them and their businesses.

We’ve spent 7 years researching (more than 117K SME businesses), then testing, refining, and implementing our proven and now accredited SCALE methodology to support business owners Significantly and Sustainably scale both them and their businesses.

Our Mission

To support 1,000,000 Business Owners to #ADDAZERO, that collectively we may eradicate unemployment in the UK

Making an Impact

To date, 8 clients have been National Finalists in ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ (4 winners in their category). And many others winning regional and industry recognition.

Company Culture

Both Humbled and Proud to have been recognised on the UK ‘Clear Business Thinking’ as The Ethical Coaching Company.

Survey's Conducted

Businesses Supported

Jobs Created

Who you are and how we support you…



For start up’s and Solopreneurs, to learn and embed the
foundations of a SCALE Business




For established SME Business Owners, with a team,
looking to move from Growth to SCALE




For Business Leaders looking to develop succession
planning, Legacy and Exit Strategies


Jay Allen, Founder of the #ADDAZERO Business Challengie

Meet Jay Allen

Former rapid deployment soldier within the British Armed Forces turned serial entrepreneur.

2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner, listed on the UK ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100.

Having been medically discharged from the Armed Forces, and having spent a few years working in ‘Change Management’ for both PLC companies and the Public Sector, Jay turned his hand to Business Ownership.

Since then, he has bought, acquired and set up four of his own companies, SCALED and EXITED twice, and now mentors Business Owners on how to #ADDAZERO. Read the Interview with Jay

Probably the best coaching company, in the country! 

My TrueNORTH Ethical Coaching Company through the expert and hugely talented and experienced Jay Allen supported me and our companies through some of the most important stages of growth we had ever experienced in over 13 years of trading.

I can recommend this company and Jay Allen in the strongest possible terms. Always grateful and a customer for life.

Nick Barnes


ADDAZERO Methodology…

Mindset & Motivation

Using our 10 Step process, we’ll ensure your Mindset and Motivation are aligned with the companies mission, and the impact you have within the business delivers on this (and more)

Vision & Values

Using our 6 Step process, we’ll ensure your vision and values are aligned and embedded throughout the company, and that everything you and it does supports your Mission

Strategy & Structure

Using our 14 Step process, we’ll ensure the strategies in the business support the mission, and the right structure is being developed to support this through SCALE

Marketing Management

Using our 16 Step process, we’ll ensure your marketing is targeting the right clients, and have a thorough process to onboard, service, and offboard effectively


Money & Margins

Using our 10 Step process, we’ll ensure you have the right measures in place, to monitor every aspect of the financials in the business, preventing either going or growing broke!

Sales & Negotiation

Using our 12 Step process, we’ll ensure your delivering the right solution, to the right clients, at the right time and investment by creating WIN, WIN, WIN scenario’s

Service & Delivery

Using our 7 Step process, we’ll ensure you have and maintain a great relationship with clients old and new, turning single purchase into
raving fans

Winning Team

Using our 13 Step process, we’ll ensure you are able to recruit, retain and reward a growing and winning team, whilst releasing you from
the business

Aside form being one of the most generous and giving people I know, Jays extensive knowledge about business, and critically, how to think like the top 1% of business owners, make him both fascinating and a pleasure to work with.

Jay will challenge your perspective, make you see an alternative way that most would never see, but most importantly helps you to find your WHY.

Charles Gregory

Director, Creative Director, Arts Group

Our 3 Step Process…

Step One

Complete our FREE Scalability Audit, to determine the current Opportunities and Vulnerabilities within your business

Step Two

Book a complimentary call with one of our award-winning SCALE Sherpa’s, to discuss the findings

Step Three

Determine which of our Mastermind programmes –  is the right one to enable you to achieve your results the fastest.