We are My TrueNORTH

The Ethical Coaching Company

Our Mission is to Eradicating Unemployment in the UK

At My TrueNORTH, we believe in the power of ethical business growth as a force for good. Our mission is bold and unwavering: to eradicate unemployment in the UK by empowering conscientious business owners to significantly and sustainably scale up their enterprises.

The Challenge

In the heart of the United Kingdom, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They make up 99.3% of all private sector businesses, employing approximately 60% of the country’s private-sector workforce. However, they face significant challenges, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Here are just a few insights and data to validate the importance of our mission:

  1. Small Businesses and Employment
    In the UK, small businesses play a crucial role in job creation. According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2021. These businesses also employ around 60% of the UK’s private-sector workforce.
  2. Economic Impact
    Scaling up small businesses can have a substantial economic impact. Research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) suggests that for every £1 spent on scaling up a small business, it can return £4 to the UK economy.
  3. Challenges in Scaling
    One of the challenges small business owners face in scaling is access to capital. According to the British Business Bank, there is an estimated £22 billion funding gap for small businesses in the UK.
  4. Ethical Business Growth
    Our focus on ethical and sustainable business growth aligns with the growing demand for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethical and Social Governance (ESG) practices. Ethical business practices attract both customers and investors who prioritise sustainability and social responsibility.
  5. Mentoring and Coaching Impact
    Providing mentoring and coaching to small business owners is highly effective. A study by the International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring found that coaching/mentoring had one of the most significant positive impact on business performance.
  6. Impact on Mental Health
    Supporting business owners in ethical growth also indirectly addresses mental health issues. The stress and challenges of running a business can impact the mental well-being of entrepreneurs. Effective coaching mitigates these challenges.
  7. Suicide Prevention
    It’s also important to note that entrepreneurship can be a high-stress endeavour, and addressing mental health within the business community is crucial.

Our Approach

We recognise these challenges and have taken it upon ourselves to make a difference. We don’t just coach for profit; we coach for a purpose. Our focus is on conscientious and ethical business growth, ensuring that every pound invested brings a positive social return.

The Impact

Economic Empowerment
Scaling up small businesses can have a tremendous economic impact. For every £1 spent on scaling up a small business, it can return £4 to the UK economy.

Sustainable Employment
By supporting our mission, you are contributing to creating more demand for new job roles, surpassing the number of individuals actively seeking employment.

Ethical Business Growth
We’re passionate about ethical and sustainable business practices, aligning with the growing demand for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethical and Social Governance (ESG) principles.

Our Commitment

  • VIP Days: Supporting business owners address and overcome individual challenges, without the need for ongoing contracts
  • 1:1 Mentoring: Highly tailored mentoring for business leaders, guiding them towards significant, sustainable growth.
  • Mastermind Coaching: Our Mastermind coaching fosters a strong sense of community and shared learning.
  • #ADDAZERO Podcast: Tune in to our podcast for inspiring stories and practical insights on business growth.
  • #ADDAZERO Institute: Our membership site offers training and coaching, equipping business owners with the tools they need to thrive.

Join Us on This Journey

My TrueNORTH is not just a company; it’s a movement. A movement towards creating a brighter, more economically empowered UK. Join us on this journey to make a lasting impact.

Your Legacy Awaits

Together, we can turn conscientious business growth into a legacy. Join us in making the UK a better place for business, for communities, and for families.

Why My TrueNORTH?

It starts with an inspirational story and quickly transpires to become a life’s work, which becomes your legacy as it lives on long after I have finished.

However, whilst so many start out on this journey, the more entwined we become within it, the more laser-like focused we must become on making the great strides necessary to achieve more.

And whilst I’m a HUGE advocate of BFHAG’s (Big Fat Hairy Audacious Goals) I’m also conscious, that the more focussed we become on creating the legacy, the more at risk we are of stepping 1 degree of course, and never achieving it at all!

Let me explain…

Let’s assume your vision, your goal, your purpose and legacy, not just in business, but in life, were to walk bare foot to the North Pole!   And by so doing, raising £100M for a charity that provided shoes for every poverty-stricken child in the world! (As I said, it starts by having a Big Fat Hairy Audacious Goal)

You would be CRAZY to attempt this tomorrow, but with the right team, training, and equipment with you, it is entirely possible!

So you’ve got the team, done the training, got the equipment, and after the needle settles on the compass set out to follow its course…..

Follow the compass religiously and you will FAIL!

You see your following MAGNETIC NORTH! Which (this year) is 11 degrees to the west of TRUENORTH (The North Pole). And yet if you were not aware of this, you could walk the entire diameter of the globe and not meet your goals!

But now you know of the 11 degrees and counter for this, and yet STILL you fail – Because the North Pole moves by around 34 miles a year!

What is a Sherpa?

Once all the people, training and equipment are in place, those who are wise, commission a local SHERPA to help guide the way.

The Sherpa is well known to the route, the pitfalls, the environment, and other factors, and able to support the Leader in making wiser choices as to route, timings, equipment, and rest!

However, unlike a competition, the Sherpa never runs to the finish and plants the flag of victory, on seeing the leader achieve their SUCCESS SUMMIT, they simply guide them to a successful summit, and prepare for the next courageous leader!

My TrueNORTH – Scaleup Sherpa

My TrueNORTH works with courageous and conscientious leaders to understand, challenge, and enhance their vision, test their resolve to achieve this, advise on team, equipment, and route, and guide the leader to achieving their success summit (whatever that may be for them).

We do this effectively because we are not industry or goal-specific. But because of the diversity of challenges, we help Leaders to face. And because of my 12+ years’ service to Queen and country as a specialist Rapid Deployment Soldier facing some of the most dangerous, challenging, and demanding circumstances imaginable, I have the skills, qualifications and experience to successfully guide you safely to your summit. 

This has seen me TWICE recognised Globally (Kauffman Institute for Entrepreneurship) in the category BIG IMPACT TO BUSINESS and listed in the UK (Smith & Williamson) on their ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100.

Why does this matter?

In business, we all set out from our own ‘Base Camp’ seeking to find our ‘Success Summit’. In business terms, we set up in business with a purpose, a goal, and an intention to reach a certain level of success. And works towards it.

Yet along the way, so many business owners find themselves blown off course, and whether they are aware of it or not, so few ever actually reach the ‘Success Summit’ they set out for as a result.

TrueNorth is a ‘Base Camp’ for Business Owners who want to keep one step ahead. As a Business Scaleup Sherpa, I work consistently with each and every client. Our mission is to ensure you have absolute clarity on your goals, and keep you on track towards achieving them.

With the right team, navigational tools and encouragement, My TrueNORTH ensure you remain on course towards your TrueNorth. Not letting you be swayed by others’ goals, ambitions or opinions towards “Magnetic North” (or as we refer to simply as) SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome).

What now?

If you are;

On a mission to achieve significant success,

Not yet achieving ALL the goals you set out to, (or ready to set even bigger ones)

Want to learn more about how to accelerate the growth of both you and your business

Keen to SCALE (be that to either replicate or Exit)

Simply Click below, to grab your complimentary 30 minute success strategy call…

Creating Win | Win | Win scenarios

It gives me the greatest pleasure to share with you how we work to create Win | Win | Win outcomes.

What is a Win | Win | Win outcome?

GREAT Question. I believe, that EVERY engagement should create Win | Win | Win outcomes.  A Win for you, a win for us, AND a win for the universe.

Therefore, we have teamed up with not one but TWO great charities to ensure EVERY interaction travels far more than simply between two people!


We are extremely proud to be members of B1G1 – The Global Giving Community.  We have embedded this into EVERY aspect of our business, to ensure that EVERY interaction we have that results in a positive outcome, that someone else benefits from this also!

  • Every workshop we run, we make a donation sufficient that someone else in the world receives Entrepreneurship training also
  • For every book we sell, we make a donation sufficient that a child also receives an education
  • Every client on every coaching/mentoring programme we run, enables us to also make donations on their behalf that others benefit also.

But it goes even deeper than this:

  • For every invoice that is paid within our Terms and Conditions, we plant a tree
  • For every recommendation / Referral / Testimonial we receive, we donate clean drinking water
  • And, when a client achieves their goals, determining they no longer require our services, we celebrate with them, by making a donation to Global Goals also.

EVERY action within our business is aligned with the B1G1 – 1§7 Global Goals Philosophy, that for every Win we enable a client to achieve, OTHERS benefit also.

You can learn more about B1G1 by clicking on their logo QUOTE BM14841 and we will donate 50 days of Access to Education to children of the world

Speed of Sight

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to call Mike Newman and John Galloway friends for almost a decade now. Since first forming Speed of Sight, I have remained an avid supporter of who they are and what they do, not only for Blind people but for all people with disabilities AND the wider community.

What they achieve, is a little short of a miracle, and completely changes the lives of ALL who meet, and have the opportunity to spend time with them.

We are delighted to have chosen Speed of Sight as a Charity of the year, becoming members of their Inspire25 club.

You can learn more about Speed of Sight by clicking on their logo

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Speed of Sight Logo