#ADDAZERO Activator Workshop

Hands-On Training with #ADDAZERO Founder: Jay Allen

#ADDAZERO Activator

Clayton Hotel – Manchester

Are you a Business Owner on a mission?

Are you ready to ‘step it up a gear’ and make THIS year, your BEST YEAR YET?

Are you looking to ACTIVATE the SCALEUP potential in YOUR business?

#ADDAZERO Activator is specifically for Business Owners ready to Significantly and Sustainably SCALE both themselves and their businesses

“A Workshop not like any other”


“I got more from attending this workshop than I did 12 months with my coach!”


“This course changed my life”


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Just a few of the comments we received from previous Business Owners who attended our #ADDAZERO Activator.

This is an opportunity not quite like ANY other!

During these bi-monthly #ADDAZERO Activator Workshops, we’ll share:

  • The 3 most common ‘hurdles’ businesses face, when looking to GROW their business (and how to avoid/overcome them)
  • The 7 hurdles Business Owners face (and how to address them) AND the EIGHT elements within every sustainable SCALEUP business.
  • AND, you’ll leave with an in-depth, bespoke SCALEUP report on the current opportunities and vulnerabilities in your business, and personalised guidance on what to do to avoid/overcome these.

And what’s more, we’ll give all of this to you FOR FREE!

There are LIMITED spaces available

Due to the personal nature of the day, the bespoke nature of the content shared, and our capacity to service clients who choose to work with us. I can only allow a small number of Business Owners to attend. So, please do NOT attend unless you’re at least very interested in benefiting from the content on the day AND learning more about the opportunity to #ADDAZERO .

For some, they will come, get real value from the day, but determine they don’t want to take this any further (and that’s OK as SCALEUP isn’t for everybody). For others, at the end of the #ADDAZERO Activator, there will be the opportunity to learn how we can work together to help, support, guide and hold you to account in implementing our Global award-winning #ADDAZERO SCALEUP methodology into YOUR business.

It’s FREE to attend

Yes, FREE. However, to ensure my time in hosting this #ADDAZERO Activator is put to good use, we are asking for a fully refundable deposit to secure your place.

The way I see it, as we are hosting the entire day, sharing our content and answering questions which itself often generates thousands of pounds in additional revenue. In return, making an investment shows your commitment to wanting to learn more about our #ADDAZERO Methodology.

Once you have attended the day, the investment you make shall be refunded directly to you. No questions asked. I’m not looking for your money, but your commitment to invest in yourself to learn.

When you attend the #ADDAZERO Activator, there’s no obligation whatsoever. If you decide this opportunity isn’t right for you, then you more than welcome to leave, implement what we have shared. However, we will also offer you the opportunity to learn more about our #ADDAZERO Mastermind programmes, and the accelerator this provides in gaining real traction in the SCALEUP of YOUR business.

If you have any further questions before committing to attend this #ADDAZERO Activator, please email me at: Enquiries@mytruenorth.biz

Remember, there are a LIMITED NUMBER of spaces available at this #ADDAZERO ACTIVATOR.

So if you’re at all interested, I urge you to read this again and reserve your space on the #ADDAZERO Activator today.

25 May 2022

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