ADDAZERO Business Challenge

A little background…

Although I am certain ‘challenges’ have been going on since the dawn of time. It wasn’t until 2015 and the ‘ALS Ice bucket challenge‘ that I stopped and took real note. A frenzy swept the country as more and more people were nominated to take part in.

The following year I was thrilled to see the globe get behind the 22Day 22 Push Up challenge in recognition of the estimated 22 service and ex-service personnel in the US alone, who commit suicide every day through PTSD and other mental health service related issues.

I’ve been working as a Business Success Strategy Coach for a number of years.  And have seen first-hand the massive impact TARGETS and DEADLINES have to every business owner.  Add a little competition and some accountability and you’ve got a winning combination to make a transformational change to both business and business owner.

The #ADDAZERO™ Business Challenge

Name me a business owner that doesn’t want to grow their business, and I’ll show you one who’s either lying or on the verge of taking their business down along with their aspirations!

However, despite business owners WANTING to grow (and by that, I mean significantly scale their business), very few actually do.

Approx 1% in any industry/sector truly become industry leaders.

And a further 4% are doing well, year on year, chasing that 1% success club.

And a further 15% of businesses, record more gradual and expected growth patterns, making a little more one year, only to lose a little the next.

Whereas 60% of businesses in every sector in every industry admit to ‘getting by’ and a further 20% of businesses fail EVERY YEAR!

“We might have learnt how to play, but nobody taught us how to win!

You might be great at whatever it is you do, but just being great at it, doesn’t make you a successful business.  There are 8 key elements to any business, and we’ve got to get better at ALL OF THEM if we truly want to scale!

  1. Vision, Values, Culture, Purpose
  2. Strategy & Structure
  3. Mindset & Motivation
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Sales & Negotiation
  6. Money & Margins
  7. Customer Service & Delivery
  8. The Team

The #ADDAZERO™ Business Challenge is your opportunity to measure your business against each of these 8 business fundamentals, and to implement the necessary actions to ensure you have:

  1. The right and sufficient foundations to sustain a growth business
  2. The systems & processes, checks, and measures in place to scale your business
  3. The additional processes required to either replicate or exit your successful business

Should you choose to take the challenge, we cannot guarantee the extent of your growth (both personally and professionally) however we can assure you, that applying the learning you will receive by taking the #ADDAZERO™ Business challenge WILL ensure you have the right foundations in place to remain sustainable, and the right systems and processes in place to significantly and sustainably grow you and your business.  Complete the challenge and you will have a sustainable, profitable business that generates you a significant passive income and in turn will #ADDAZERO™ to either business turnover, or personal disposable income OR BOTH!

Let me quickly explain the process:

My TrueNORTH Customer Journey

My TrueNORTH Customer Journey

Now, you have learnt a little more about what the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge is, it’s time to determine;


Within exploration, there are 3 vital pieces of information required to plot a course:

  1. Where you have come from
  2. Where you are heading
  3. Where you are right now

Once these have been established, a route can be plotted to guide the explorer on a path of least resistance to their planned destination.

The way we do this within the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge, is by conducting an audit.

We’ve developed 33 questions surrounding each of the 8 segments within every business to establish where you are right now.  Which shall be crucial in determining how we plot YOUR course to YOUR Success Summit.



On submission of your answers, we shall in return send you an in-depth, bespoke report on our findings which shall give us both a good idea as to what’s going well, is ‘on course’ and needs little attention. And, what has ‘blown off course’ and perhaps needs attention first.

Then we can book a COMPLIMENTARY CALL to discuss your report and establish how best we can help you to achieve YOUR SUCCESS SUMMIT.

For those Solopreneur / Micro Business Owners (up to £250K Turnover) it is most likely our Pathfinder Masterclass program is the most appropriate course of action to take.

For those Entrepreneur / SME Business Owners (Up to £5M Turnover) it is more likely our Explorer Mastermind program is the most appropriate course of action to take.

However, for now, simply:




Rachel Kay at #addazero“Back in 2013 when I was building my business here (after moving up from Bath) I was fortunate enough to work with business coach Jay Allen. Jay was an absolute inspiration and many of my approaches and practices now are based on what I learned from him. Fast forward to 2017 and Jay’s coaching company, My True North haD just launched the #ADDAZERO The 3 hour workshop is crammed with practical tips and nuggets to help grow your business. It was a real eye opener for myself and the other attendees around the table.” –