#ADDAZERO-The book


The Ultimate Guide to Significant & Sustainable Business Growth

Establishing Basecamp

A proven methodology to enable you to Significantly & Sustainably
accelerate your business from Growth to SCALE.


We’ve spent over 4 years researching Big Business Failure!

And the findings were SHOCKING!

I’ll share with you:

  • What we learnt
  • What we did with this learning
  • and why it is so relevant to you as a Business Owner!

I’ll reveal the 3 FLAWS identified as the determining factor in businesses eventual downfall.

And from this WHY I have taken to writing  THIS book to share how to overcome, circumnavigate around them.

And, how to use this to significantly and sustainably grow you and the business,  to #ADDAZERO to your Personal Disposable Income.


After almost 4 years of research, 2 years of testing, reviewing and re-testing. More than a year of condensing all the research into bite size bits. I am delighted to share with you #ADDAZERO – The Ultimate Guide to Significant & Sustainable Business SCALE.

It may well be, you are a business owner that is NOT looking to SCALE. And would be more than happy to grow the business to a level where you are able to enjoy an income sufficient to ‘sit back’ and enjoy life?

This book, can CERTAINLY help you deliver that.

However, you may also find, that having achieved this, this book prompts you to ‘upgrade’ your thinking, your aspirations, and challenges you to think bigger!

We are on a MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners Significantly and Sustainable SCALE both them and their businesses, with the aim to #ADDAZERO to their Personal Disposable Income.

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I'm ready to #ADDAZERO

I want to be amongst the first to receive the #ADDAZERO Ebook, and benefit from all the added benefits.


Every single business owner I’ve ever met started their business to allow them to have choices – the choice to decide how they spend their time, who with and at a time of their choosing.  Yet all too often they end up owning a job. 

Read, absorb and apply Jay’s teaching within THIS book, and you’ll end up achieving far more than you ever dreamed of, and have fun doing it too!

Guy Bartlett - CEO
Guy Bartlett - CEO
Fidelius Group

Table of Contents

  • The 3 FLAWS

    What are they?

    Why are they so important?

    and How to avoid / address them?

  • Chapter 1: Mindset & Motivation

    What does ‘success‘ look like to you?

    What motivates you to achieve it?

    We start with the end in mind, and work methodologically towards it!

  • Chapter 2: Vision, Values, Culture, Purpose

    In this chapter we determine what the business needs to look, feel, sound like in order to achieve this.

    The Values & Culture become the Heartbeat of a successful business. We look at how to create and nurture that within your business.

  • Chapter 3: Business Strategy & Structure

    Now we know what you want to achieve, this chapter helps determine if your business strategy, model and structure is best designed to deliver this (and more) to you?

  • Chapter 4: Marketing Management

    Get it right, and you can build a loyal following of avid fans. Get it wrong, and your just another company pestering them for their time and money! In this chapter we share how the best in the business attract Fans whilst detracting others!

  • Chapter 5: Money & Margins

    The Business of Business is Business. Most business owners do not know the 7 numbers critical to business growth! In this chapter we share those numbers and ensure every aspect of your money making machine is working as well as it should.

  • Chapter 6: Sales & Negotiation

    If marketing’s job is to raise awareness, then sales is to happily take that awareness to the bank. In this chapter we uncover how to sell without selling and create WIN | WIN outcomes every time.

  • Chapter 7: Service & Delivery

    Customer Service just doesn’t cut it, if you want to rise to the top. In this chapter we uncover what “going the extra mile” actually looks like, and how to scrap your customer service desk whilst building a community of raving fans.

  • Chapter 8: Winning Team

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will you succeed in building this on your own. In this chapter, we uncover how to attract, recruit and retain the TOP talent, that you can earn more and work less!


I'm ready to #ADDAZERO

I want to be amongst the first to receive the #ADDAZERO Ebook, and benefit from all the added benefits.


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WARNING: This is NOT a casual bedside read!

We've broken EVERY aspect of owning and scaling a profitable business down into bite size chunks.

This is a STEP-BY-STEP guide on what to do, when to do, how to do for business owners looking to accelerate the growth of both them and their business.

There are examples, shortcuts, templates, quotes, case studies. EVERYTHING you might need to move from growth to SCALE. All tested, All proven, All included!

What's more, we've created to #ADDAZERO Foundations Audit, for YOU to determine the CURRENT scaleability of your business. AND shall be providing a fortnightly LIVE Q&A session with the Author accessible by EVERY business owner who has bought a copy of THIS book![/text_block]

Meet the Author

Jay Allen

Jay Allen is a former specialist Rapid Deployment Soldier within the British Army. Who, after medical discharge, has gone on to work at Boardroom level within 2 of the UK's largest High Street Chains, and at Regional Management Level within the NHS.

He subsequently left 'Corporate' to begin working for himself. And since then has either bought, acquired or set up from scratch, 4 of his own businesses; and co-founded two others.

He has twice won a Global Entrepreneur 'Big Impact to Business' Award (Kauffman Institute for Entrepreneurship) and was added to the UK 'Clear Business Thinking' POWER 100 list in 2018 (Smith & Williamson)

Foreword written by

Guy Bartlett

Multi award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Soldier, Mountain Leader, Speaker and lover of changing people’s lives.

A guest presenter on BBC television and radio for business and Channel Dave’s “The Money Pit”, the author of “Business Magic” an entrepreneur’s guide to acquiring owner managed businesses and frequent speaker to business groups across the UK.

In a wide ranging business career Guy has built three separate 7 figure businesses from scratch and acquired numerous Owner Managed Businesses with revenues exceeding £30m.  He’s been a trusted adviser to many of the UK’s top companies including Sainsbury’s, Manchester City FC, the Royal Mail and JD Sports.

For over three decades he’s enjoyed a parallel career in the British Army and Reserve, serving around the world in both military engineering and the infantry and been decorated for his service.

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I'm ready to #ADDAZERO

I want to be amongst the first to receive the #ADDAZERO Ebook, and benefit from all the added benefits.