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MANY thanks for booking your #ADDAZERO FOUNDATIONS AUDIT report.

In doing so, you are already on a route to significantly and sustainably grow both you and your business.

Using the research we have gathered from extensively reviewing the cause of more than 150 BIG BUSINESS FAILURES, we engineered and significantly tested this methodology prior to launch, and KNOW that by applying the teachings, will lead YOU as a Business Leader to Significantly and Sustainably SCALE both YOU and YOUR business!

We’ve made it our MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners with the ultimate aim to #ADDAZERO to your Personal Disposable Income!

A few of the many business owners we have helped…

Wayne Margetts

I can say unreservedly Jay is one of the greatest, most inspiring and thought provoking Business Coaches I have ever met.

He quickly takes you in the palm of his hands and keeps you there as he moves you to another level.

A truly professional, honest and no nonsense guy. You must see him in action for yourself, he is without doubt up there with the best……….

Wayne Margetts, Triform Group

Lee Patterson

Within minutes of first speaking with Jay, he was able to understand the problem I was facing, and provide solid guidance and advice as to how to overcome this.

Furthermore, he followed up to see if I had encountered any problems in implementing the advice, and sent a ‘cheat sheet’ for me to follow for the future.

Lee Patterson, Creative Film

Arron Deeside

Jay has delivered within one session, more than I’ve EVER got from working with other coaches, consultants and mentors.

His knowledge is vast, his enthusiasm infectious and his guidance unparalleled. If your SERIOUS about growing your business, you need to book a call – Everyone should have a Jay on their team. 

Arron Deeside, Arron Deeside Photography

We’ve made it our MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners
to Significantly and Sustainably grow
both them and their businesses.

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