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rejection is great for business

Unless you have mastered the ability to sell air, you will NEVER sell ANYTHING to EVERYBODY! So stop trying!

It doesn’t matter how popular you think your product/service is, or how much in demand you think you’re going to be, the simple answer is IT’S NOT FOR EVERYBODY.

Your product or service will only ever appeal to a subsection of any population. For that reason, it’s a huge mistake to try and appeal to an entire population. To be successful, you should focus on the subsection and forget the rest SERIOUSLY.

And dependant on what size of business you are at present shall determine how small a target market you’re trying to attract!

In my experience, businesses still making sub 6 figure turnover are those who ought to concentrate on selling locally / regionally.  Really become known for who you are and what you do.  There is a whole pile of local money you could attract if you became Cheshire’s first X or London’s No:1 Y.  A local business nailing the local/regional industry or sector by servicing other local businesses. (That’s not to say, we don’t have to amend this model if your selling online) However the same principle remains, market to your people!

Those seeking to grow from 6 to 7 figures can niche even more!  Become The UK’s top X, or the Industry leading provider of Y.  Really become known for 1 thing, 1 industry, 1 sector. Make all your marketing, PR, exposure based around 1 niche and take over that industry.

It’s only once you’ve got to multiple 7 figures and seeking 8, that you then GO LARGE and use the same growth plan across multiple industries. Replicating your dominance in one within another.

Those who are MAKING IT in the world of Business are those who originally niched down to a subsection of the population and offered a unique product/service or offered an existing product/service in a unique way to that subsection, grew their name, their brand their ownership of a subsection and then began to replicate it.


Your parents might have told you so, and genetically that might be the case, however, THE ONLY thing that is unique about you is your DNA!  And that’s GREAT.  Because the only thing UNIQUE about your ideal target customers is their DNA also!

So instead of being lulled into a false sense of security by thinking if you advertise to the masses, you will attract the masses, running off to create a TV advert and a national broadsheet newspaper advert with hope of Millions knocking your front door down tomorrow to buy the next BIG THING – STOP and answer this one simple question:

 “If you could only sell to one of your current customers for the rest of your life,
WHO would it be and WHY?”

You see, they are not unique either! (OK Their DNA might be) but other than that, there are other people just like them out there!  And instead of spending tens of thousands trying to attract the masses, why not concentrate all your energies on learning more and more about your current IDEAL CUSTOMER in order you can go out and market, advertise, build relationships with and eventually sell to OTHER IDEAL CUSTOMERS just like the one you already have!

NOW you can establish WHY you might have been turned down by a potential client and establish were they potentially another IDEAL CLIENT or were they, somebody, y that in the IDEAL WORLD we are creating for ourselves, we wouldn’t have wanted to sell to/work with anyway!

It’s only when we begin to get rejections and unsubscribes that we actually know we are doing something right!  Instead of getting frustrated by a 2% unsubscribe rate, be greatful that 98% still love what you do!