Business Coaching and Mentoring Services


Every business owner set out with a dream, a vision, a goal, yet research shows less than 6% ever achieve them.

Our proven and tested methodology enables you to significantly and sustainably SCALE both you and your business, and so much more…

We provide both 1:1 coach/mentoring support tailored specifically to you and your business needs.

Please take a moment below to familiarise yourself with how we work with conscientious business owners to achieve transformational and sustainable results…

No two businesses are the same...

Mindset & Motivation

16 Steps to align you and your business to your goals and aspirations

Vision & Values

10 Steps to build a culture that reflects you and your mission

Strategy & Structure

20 Steps to establish the model and priorities to achieving it

Marketing Management

21 steps to attract your ideal target clients and generate a rhythm of enquiries


It means a million different things to a million different people.  And, it changes all the time!

When things are going well, success might mean A business that provides you with the time and money to do more. And yet, when things aren’t working so well, success might also mean: Getting to the end of the week, unharmed!

My point is, that I should never ass-u-me what success means to you. It’s only once we’ve both determined, clarified and confirmed what that means to you, can I set about supporting you to achieve it. 

Therefore, EVERY client starts with a Deep Dive.  I need to fully understand you, your business, your goals, aspirations, and dreams. As well as the hurdles, challenges, and difficulties you face, in order to know how best to be able to help. We do this by conducting a #SCAELUP Audit.  We produce an indepth, tailored report for you highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, based on the #ADDAZERO Methodology, with recommendations on where to start.

For some, this is sufficient, and they use the report to guide them in implementing some of the findings.

For others, they would prefer the ongoing help and support from the originator of the #ADDAZERO Methodology.  For them, we offer support at three different levels:

Money & Margins

16 steps to maximise every opportunity, reduce overheads and never leave money on the table

Sales & Negotiation

16 steps to maximise every opportunity, reduce overheads and never leaving money on the table

Service & Delivery

21-step process to to turn window shoppers into raving fans

Winning team

11-step process to recruit, retain and reward a growing team of super hero’s



Building the foundations on which to scale

For those seeking to gain the knowledge and skills required to build the right foundations ready to SCALE.

Concentrating on Goals, Marketing, Sales and Operations Basecamp ensures you have the necessary requirements to hit the accelerator (without crashing) and ready for SCALE. 

Jay brings a wealth of both personal and business experience upon which he is able to draw to illustrate salient points of learning and to motivate action in business owners looking to achieve success.

He is direct and concise, approaching all issues from an objective perspective and providing excellent coaching and mentoring to each and every member he works with.

Gemma Toner

Founder, Be.Unlimited



Moving from Growth to Scale, on your route to the Summit

For those ready to make the transition from growth to SCALE

Building on the Goals, Marketing, Sales and Operations. We look at finance, customer service and recruitment as we begin to accelerate the growth of the business. 

Jay is a brilliant business coach. He is thoughtful and has great insight into all aspects of running a business. I really value his advice and help. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his encouragement and support.

Elizabeth Ward

Owner, Virtuoso Legal



Tightening the nut, living the legacy

For those ready to embrace M&A or seeking & support to develop Succession, Legacy and Exit plans

Progressing further on all that has been already set in place. Values, Culture, Strategic Structure. As well as Legacy – How to make a lasting impact – What do you want to be known and remembered for?

Growing a business was not something I’d ever done before, I needed professional advice from someone I could trust, from someone who genuinely wanted me to grow my business, not someone just wanting to line their own pockets.

Jay – you are not just a mentor, but a true friend. For anyone looking to ethically scaleup their business, look no further. Your investment will pay itself back 10x and more.

Wayne Margetts

Operations Director, Hague Group