My TrueNORTH Explorer

You’ve now completed My TrueNORTH Basecamp?

Got your Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finances working well?

And now ready to accelerate from Growth to Scale?


Everest Base Camp is either one of two base camps on either side of Mount Everest.
South Base Camp is located in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364m and North Base Camp is at 5,5150m in Tibet.

In the context of My TrueNORTH, this means our coaching/mentoring is best suited to those who are already working full-time within their business. Have begun trading and generating a regular monthly revenue.  You are likely to have already taken on a small team (Either directly or through sub-contracting/outsourcing or associates) and generating north of £100K in revenue.

There are 20 recognised routes from Basecamp to the Summit of Everest. The route to the summit depends a lot on skill, capability, and aptitude for both risk and resilience.

Within My TrueNORTH, this translates to our Explorer coaching/mentoring being tailored to those who have successfully completed Basecamp and are ready to Explore the various routes available to them to move from Growth to Scale. It is suited to those who already have a small in-house team, and are likely to be generating a revenue north of £500K pa.

Clients who have completed Basecamp often choose to ascend to Explorer.   

Here, we dive deeper into the four fundamental pillars, both improving what is already in place and adding to, an additional layer of People, Systems and Processes. We then add to this, with the following additional growth pillars required to move from growth to scale: 

Mindset/Goal Setting – Values/Culture – Strategy/Structure

Depending on the desired outcomes of the business/business owner and speed of application, we spend between several months and a couple of years ensuring you have all the business requires to accelerate from growth to scale sustainably. 

Once we both agree this has been achieved, some choose to progress to Summit…



The level of investment required to access Explorer is:

Single pay: £14,997* or Split pay: 12 x monthly instalments of £1,497*

*+VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice



You will not find a coaching company more deserving of it’s name or accolades.

Jay Allen is the most genuine and ethical coach you could ever meet. He is very skilled and generous with it. The vision, clarity and direction he has brought to our business has been transformational.

Helen Sewelle

Proprietor, Fractional CFO

Jay brings a different perspective to the table, that makes you challenge everything.

I’ve worked with a number of coaches before, but none quite like Jay. He lives and breathes his work, is completely devoted to his clients, and tailors his approach to each in such a way that you know you are working with a true profesional, whose got your back. 

Amanda Daniels-Allen

Customer Journey Consultant, Koogar

Next Steps


It starts with a Holistic Business Review. To ensure everything is in place and working, and to set a new set of BFHAG stretch goals for the next 12,24 and 36 months. From here, we can determine which of those 20+ routes (Business Scale Models) is best suited for the outcome you are seeking. 


It’s also time to update the level of investment required for the next part of your journey. As before, we offer the opportunity to benefit from a 20% saving, by making a single annual investment, or if you prefer to split the investment across 12 monthly instalments. All payments are to be received in Great British Pounds and can be paid by either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card.


On confirmation of investment, we can begin to schedule our first quarter’s sessions together. And determine how you’d like to receive these, digitally, or in person at our offices in Warrington, Cheshire.