Sometimes what you want isn’t another course or tool or a coaching commitment that spans months.

You need a focused, fully-supported day to get what you need done.


So you’re ready to experience #ADDAZERO?

What better way to accelerate you and your business than spending a day with a 3 x Global award-winning ScaleUP coach?

Being a small business owner is a hard job, and there are so many things to manage daily that sometimes can get overwhelming. There’s so much going on from marketing your business, prospecting, managing inventory, building your team, staying on top of your financials and planning for the future that it’s easy to get caught up in the BUSYness of business.

Before you know it, you are working longer and longer to keep up, becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of real progress.

Sound familiar?…

Well, you’re not alone.

Research shows that more than 80% of SME business owners feel the same!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are delighted to present you with a unique opportunity to work with the founder of #ADDAZERO and learn from the Master of Scale. This exclusive 1:1 VIP Day will entirely focus on answering your questions and working through the current challenges you face whilst tapping into our collective wisdom.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work with Jay, a 3 x Global winner in the ScaleUP Awards who has helped thousands of people just like you, get unstuck and accelerate their growth in their businesses and lives.

What’s included:

Real-time, real honest feedback on your current processes.
A tailored and proven strategy based on your challenges, goals, and bandwidth.
A related, implementable methodology that eliminates the time it takes to build from scratch
An instant action plan that will help you see your growth strategy through to its completion.
And both an arm on your shoulder or a KUTA to remain focussed throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Real, palpable progress toward the business and life you want. In one day.

What’s not included:

Awkward upsells to private coaching. The point of this session is to overcome the challenges so that you can get it all done
A bunch of confusing add-ons that have nothing to do with your goals.
Months of wasted time, money, and effort on a program that doesn’t work with your schedule or your desired rate of return.
Second-guessing and tip-toeing progress (because we’ll hammer out your questions as they come up)
Procrastinating the right decision or the first step to bringing it to life (because you won’t be alone in making it happen!)

What does it cost?

Nothing – Trust me, there is no cost when it comes to you and the investment you make in yourself and your business.

Whilst some of our top clients gladly make an ongoing investment of up to £28,800pa to work with me on the significant and sustainable growth of both them and their businesses, the £1,500* investment you make in our VIP day is an investment in both you and the acceleration of your business.

Therefore, answer this:

What is the missed potential you are facing every day, by not overcoming the current problem/challenge you face?

Or, what will resolving this challenge in a day, then enable you to achieve? 

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of £500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!

Probably the best coaching company in the Country.

The ScaleUP expert, hugely talented and experienced Jay Allen, has supported me and our group of companies through some of the most important stages of growth we have ever experienced in over 13 years of trading.

I recommend this company and particularly Jay Allen in the strongest possible terms.  Always grateful, and a customer for life.

Nick Barnes


You aren’t like everyone else,
and neither is your business.


ADDAZERO Methodology - The 8 Elements of every Scaleup business

Meet your VIP Day Host!

Hi, I’m Jay, TEDx Speaker | Published Author | Founder of the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge.

I’m here to help you to address and overcome whatever hurdle/challenge you may be facing, to significantly and sustainably grow both you and your business.

We’ll spend the day working directly on the issues you face and create a roadmap you can implement straight away that creates traction whilst aligned with the goals you aspire to achieve.

It’s time to STOP going all out and START going all in!

These VIP Days are often described as THE catalyst for transformational scale

Since we first began implementing the methodology, first within our own businesses and then within those we work with inside Mastermind, we have witnessed the following:

  • 8 Global Finalists – Entrepreneur of the Year (4 Winners within their category)
  • 2 Clients recognised by the Palace for service to their industry
  • Countless others won both regional and industry awards for growth
  • Clients buying their forever dream home
  • Clients taking more regular, exotic holidays
  • Whilst their businesses continue to scale
  • 25% growth, 50% growth, even 100+% growth within a year!

To Summarize:  We’ve made it our mission to eradicate unemployment in the UK by supporting conscientious Business Leaders to scaleup their businesses, creating more demand for new roles, than there are those actively seeking employment. And I am excited that you are now a part of that. 

Jay Allen

Founder: #ADDAZERO

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of £500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!

Within 4 months of joining Jay’s Virtual Mastermind, I had matched my previous year’s turnover. Within 6, I was set to double it.

I’ve bought a new car, and a motorbike, a deposit for my first house and an engagement ring for my partner. I have never been busier and loving it. I cannot thank Jay and all my fellow Mastermind members enough for all it has generated for me and my business.

Steve Carr

Founder, Mind Canyon

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of £500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!