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The Four Steps

It's almost too easy to start a business these days, yet form one without the right 8 point foundations and it will at some stage hit a 'glass ceiling'. "Growing broke" is just as big a problem as "Going broke" Lets work on ensuring you avoid both and are on track for Super Success.
"We don't know, what we don't know" Yet for too many business owners, not knowing WHAT, HOW or WHY is preventing them from every significantly growing their business. Education doesn't stop when you leave school, and the importance of continual professional development can never be underestimated when your aiming HIGH.
"Rome wasn't built in a day" But it was built by a group of determined and dedicated team. If your serious about building a significant and sustainable business, then the best way to begin is by working in collaboration with a small team of other highly dedicated and determined business owners.
It doesn't matter what the circumstance, it's always best to have someone fighting your corner. Whether its the voice of inspiration, or the voice of reason, a guide/mentor is often the most sought after for those who want both the assurance and accountability when achieving SUCCESS


How to get the very best from our proven Success Strategy Coaching

Success Strategy Coaching

Choose which coaching method works best for you

JSO 'Virtual' Lunch Club

For those who simply can't get away from the business yet, we run an online JSO Lunch Club. One lunchtime per month, simply log on over lunchtime and join me for up to 2 hours as I help Club members overcome whatever hurdles you are currently facing.

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Pathfinder™ Mastermind

For those ready to take their learning to the next level we have Pathfinder™. A blend between Masterclass and Mastermind. We meet once every 6 weeks where in the morning we provide a 3-hour Masterclass (on a whole range of different subjects) helping business owners to learn the latest skills in a whole variety of business-related subjects. Then in the afternoon its Mastermind, where you pose the problems and together we overcome them!

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Explorer Mastermind™

For already established business owners (£100K+) who ar ready to SCALE, we have Explorer™. A Fully blown Mastermind, through which we meet every 8 weeks for the 'Board you cannot afford' and work in small select groups on the significant and sustainable grow of you and your businesses. This also includes some designated 1:1 coaching.

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Coaching Online

Be that Skype, Zoom or over the phone, the chance to work 1:1 with a 2 x 'Big Impact to Business' Award Winning Success Strategy Coach is of great appeal to many. With only limited availability, this is only for those who are unable to attend our Mastermind Group Coaching sessions.

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1:1 Consultancy

When only ONSITE will do, there is also the opportunity to book Jay to work with you and your team onsite. Anywhere in the world! These highly bespoke sessions are booked in either 0.5 Day or 1 Day sessions and are often the catalyst to significant change for both individuals and teams.

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Books, Audio and Video

For those wishing to 'go it alone' we also have a range of books (both printed and e-books) audio and video to help, guide, inspire and support those who prefer to take their own path!

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I'm not one of those coaches that simply says pick one off the shelf! I'm a regular guy, determined to help, guide, support and hold to account those who are seeking to significantly and sustainably grow them and their business. If what you are seeking isn't listed, simply get in touch and lets determine how best I can be of service toy you?