In-Person Business Mastermind Groups

What do you want your business to look like in the next 12, 24, 36 months?

  • Where would you be?
  • Where would your business be?
  • Where would it enable you to then do?

Business owners often have several people both relying on them, and those willing to share opinions. But very few have the ear and support of a team of other business leaders willing and able to provide structured, insightful, and unbiased opinions based on a knowledge and understanding of you, your business, and your ambitions. And with absolute dedication to the significant and sustainable growth of both you and your business.

Jay is a brilliant business coach. He is thoughtful and has great insight into all aspects of running a business.

I really value his advice and help. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his encouragement and support.

Liz Ward

Lawyer, Virtuoso Legal

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of almost £1500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!


Is this for you?

Who are #ADDAZERO Masterminders?

As the Business Owner, you are a single/primary decision-maker with a small (5+ team) dedicated to the significant and sustainable growth of both you and your business.

Whilst a small team, you and the business have big ambitions and are keen to accelerate the progression of the business. However, you do not want to do this at the expense of being tied further into the business.  Instead, you are building a growth model that is able of sustaining itself whilst generating you an ‘income at will’.

You have got this far, but acknowledge to move beyond traditional growth patterns, you need the help, support, guidance, and accountability of others so as not to risk all you have achieved in search of all you are capable of.

Why join #ADDAZERO Mastermind?

The opportunity to have a safe and trusted environment to share thoughts, ideas, plans, consideration and benefit from the shared knowledge, experience, and connections of others, is often the biggest catalyst for future growth, expansion, and achievement.  Therefore should never be entered into lightly, but with the consideration and determination, you expect to receive from it.


Business Owners join because they:

  • Are dedicated to significantly growing their business
  • Accept and understand they don’t know, what they don’t know
  • Acknowledge and appreciate the benefit of collaborative thinking
  • Recognise the ‘Givers gain’ principle (Not specifically in the sense of referrals, but also in terms of knowledge, experience, behaviours, attitudes, culture, and values)
  • Seeking to have a team of people THEY can turn to, outside the business with whom they can trust

What’s included in Mastermind?


Bi-Monthly Board

Bi-Monthly, we meet as a ‘notional‘ Non-Exec Board, where we apply ‘Chatham House Rules‘ to be able to speak openly and freely about any and every aspect of our businesses.

Nothing is off-limits, as we work collectively and collaboratively to overcome hurdles, and side-step challenges and use everything within our disposal to help, support, encourage, challenge, and hold each other to account as we implement the SCALE elements of the #ADDAZERO Methodology to our businesses.

1:1 Mentoring

Between each Board meeting, every member gets the opportunity to book 1:1 mentoring from a 2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner, and founder of the #ADDAZERO Methodology.

Working with you (and your Senior Leadership Team) to address the specific concerns or hurdles faced within the business, which challenge the implementation of our proven SCALE framework.


Entrepreneur's Vault

All Masterclasses and Q&A sessions are recorded, then uploaded into our MEMBERS ONLY area.

Along with a rafter of other ADDAZERO resources we make available to our Pathfinder members.

This includes (but is not restricted to) Templates, Downloads, Cheat Sheets, Checklists, Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts.

You don’t know, what you don’t know. And so, through Explorer Mastermind, I have transformed my practice from a small business to a scaling company.

We are now two and a half times larger than we were before we joined, and have a clear path to double that again in the next 12/18 months. I am now engaged on both succession and legacy planning for the next generation of Business Leaders.

Kamlesh Rajput

CEO, Sterling Finance UK Ltd

What to expect?

Clients from across the UK of small, medium-sized businesses have relied on our unique methodology to think differently, make decisions quicker and more confidently, and accelerate the growth of both them and their businesses.

It starts by conducting an audit of your current business. Establishing both past and current achievements, future ambition, and the foundations on which we are to build.

Then, an introduction to the fellow Explorers to which you shall be working alongside, with ample opportunity to get to know them and their businesses and to answer any questions they may have about what you are aiming to achieve and how best they can be of help in achieving that.

The dates for all Mastermind sessions are booked 12 months in advance, so these need to be plotted into your schedule, allowing enough time to fully immerse yourself in each event, and for the work to be done between each session as you make and share your commitments at each.

1:1 mentorship is provided between each Mastermind session simply by clicking on a link directly to your mentor’s calendar.  And can be booked as and when you prefer.

What you shall receive…

Bi-monthly Mastermind meetings COUPLED with bi-monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions. We have found this to be the perfect harmony embracing the power of collaborative working, with the intimacy of 1:1 mentorship.

Each Mastermind session is for a period of 24 Hours and is ALL INCLUSIVE.


  • 3 Course, private dining (on the evening of arrival)
  • A Full days Mastermind Coaching with Jay and your new Board of Directors
  • Digital Recording of each Mastermind Session (preventing the need for frantic note-taking)

What we ask in return…

Commitment to Explorer Mastermind is on a rolling 12-month basis. We ask for the same level of commitment from ALL mastermind members. And so, have crafted our Mastermind pledge.

You are ready and prepared to invest in yourself every month throughout this process. Be on time and focus throughout each session on the task at hand without interruption.

You will willingly offer honest feedback to all others within your Mastermind group. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.  For us to provide the best, we need to know when we do, and be given the opportunity to amend things should we ever fall short. Likewise, you must be willing to accept feedback from both your mentor and other members of the group.

Since joining Jay’s #ADDAZERO Mastermind my business has taken some giant leaps forward both in terms of financials but also enjoyment and fun! Working with Jay and the members of the group has really helped me to nail down each month what needs to happen in my business. Make a smart decision for you, your family and your business and join an #ADDAZERO Mastermind. Everybody needs a Jay on their team!

P O'Conner

CEO, Wealth Management Consultant

Next Steps…

With nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Do you, and your business a favour, click on the link below to book your complimentary call with one of our Global Award Winning Scale Sherpa’s.


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