My greatest concern in the world right now, is too many people continue to think small, and achieve it!

It is surely time, for more people to step out from the shadows, and to share with their world their big idea.


Allen is as motivating on stage and he was motivated to succeed within my Regiment. He has intrinsically linked the success we shared in Bosnia & Kosovo, with the success he is now demonstrating within his own business. Having recently presented his ‘Battlefield2Boardroom’ speech to both Junior Officers & Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, his understanding and humorous interpretation of transferable and non-transferable skills was the highlight of the entire event – Well done.

Gen. Rowan

Assistant Chief of Staff (Health), Ministry of Defence - Army

A word or two from Jay

I’m not exactly sure why it is, but there appears to be a distinct lack of confidence in Blue Sky thinking.  Business owners across the globe appear so entrenched in the here and now, they have set aside aspiration for necessity, dismissed opportunity and replaced it with vulnerability, the impact of which is huge.

We have to re-ignite a passion for thinking beyond limits, once again inspire creativity, challenge current thinking and motivate a wave of change to address some of the biggest challenges in the world.

A word or two from recent audiences

Who is Jay Allen?


Having been born into a family business, Jay has grown up in a self-employed space. After his career in the military came to an unexpected end (Medical Discharged after a series of ‘incidents’ post-operational tours). He worked at the highest level for 2 of the UK’s largest supermarkets (Helping to add almost £500M) and Regional Management within the Public Sector (Responsible for saving £17M). He ‘branched out’ to the world of self-employment and has either bought, acquired, or set up 4 of his own businesses. Scaled to and Exited twice.


In 2013 Jay won a Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award (Kauffman Institute for Entrepreneurship) for the speed and success in scaling and exiting his Health & Safety Consultancy. This introduced Jay to the international audience and saw new clients across Europe and the United States.  In 2014, he went on to win the award again for the support he provided his clients and the results they witnessed as a result (7 National Finalists in Entrepreneur of the Year Awards). Since then, Jay has won various industry awards and employed a team of data analysts looking at what causes failure! The results have led him to devise and head up the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge.


Jay is a sought after international keynote speaker and a former member of the Professional Speaking Association. He is also a certified trainer and global award-winning coach/mentor (a fellow of the International Association of Coaching Professionals) through which he has helped thousands of businesses scale their businesses.


Jay regularly writes for various business magazines/blogs that have a global readership and has also written four books. Battlefield2Boardroom – Using proven Military Strategy to combat team mediocrity (2015)
Road2Utopia – And how to take a shortcut (2017)
#ADDAZERO – The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Scale
#ADDAZERO2 – The Ultimate Guide to Scale & Exit


Aside from work as both Speaker & Mentor, Jay can frequently be found with a small pack on his back, trekking across the hills, mountains and fells of England, Scotland & Wales. He swims daily, cycles frequently (both pedal and motor) and enjoys much of his time amongst nature in the outdoors. Jay is both a Husband and Father and resides in the North West of England, UK.


80% of Business Owners are wrong about everything

A powerful, often challenging and highly informative keynote, in which we show why NOT following the crowd is the only way to survive and thrive. With practical hints, tips and guidance along the wya on how to stand up, stand out and achieve more.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Jay Allen as keynote speaker and presenter on a number of occasions and subsequently booked him to speak at several Regional events & 2 National Events (National Annual Conference). Whilst each event has had a very different audience, both in regard to size and profession; attendees at all events have reported to find him both highly informative and utterly inspirational. Jay is great fun and very easy to work with and a great contact to have!


National Events Coordinator, Federation of Small Businesses

Get BIG, or go home

Jay’s signature keynote, for which he has achieved 2 ‘Big Impact to Business’ Awards.  Every member of the audience shall leave inspired to rethink, recalibrate and re-engage with their business in an entirely new way, to be more, and achieve more. 

Jay delivered an amazing keynote speech at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants conference. The whole room listened to an awe-inspiring but humble account that chartered his journey from “Battlefield to Boardroom”. It was a very engaging presentation, humorous but very thought-provoking, with lots of great nuggets of information. Including why focus, drive, planning is essential, but also the need to continually survey your surrounding and watch out for those curved balls, catch them, learn from them and move on.


Management Accountant, Charter Institute Management Accountants

How suicide saved my life

An incredibly emotive and empowering keynote, as Jay shares his own story from being sectioned under the mental health act, to mentoring the Founder of the National Centre for Suicide Prevention. True-life grit, how grit and determination can overcome anything.

I only wish I’d met and listened to Jay 20 years ago.  Within minutes of walking onto the stage, I knew he had been sent to speak to me!  Every word he said resonated SO much with me right now, I was in tears as I realised how much his story resonated with my own. (He even stopped and offered me his handkerchief). At the end of the presentation, he received an ovation, as EVERYONE in the auditorium recognised how much he had borne his soul as he shared his own harrowing journey to show us how silver linings are in the centre of every grey cloud. – Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Managing Director

It’s good to talk

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