Episode 4: Supersize your dreams!

In this episode, we’ll uncover If SMART isn’t, what is? What is BFHAG? And the 6 steps to creating one within YOUR business?

At the time of recording this, the UK has just gone back into the second National Lockdown as a result of the Corona Virus. There has never been a more worrying and uncertain time for many business owners, uncertain about the future and what it means for them and their businesses.

I’ve included a great analogy as to what’s happening right now, and both the physical, mental and energetic shift it’s having on businesses. And, by recognising this, what you can do to stop it from having a detrimental impact on you, your family, your business AND your future.

Grab a drink and a note pad, as over the next 30mins I’ll share more on a different perspective to SMART, what we can all learn from the UN and how collaborative thinking, builds a better future for us all.

I mention Brendan’s book Motivation Manifesto within the episode, which can be found here: https://amzn.to/3kcyFrj

Brought to you by My TrueNORTH as part of our MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners to #ADDAZERO to their Personal Disposable Income.

Episode 3: Why SMART simply isn’t

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If you’ve ever read anything related to achievement, motivation or personal development, you’ve no doubt come across the idea of SMART Goals? More often than not, the conversation revolves around setting SMART goals. This is an acronym for goals that are:

Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-Bound Believe me, in all the time I worked in both Public Sector and PLC, they were ALWAYS going on about SMART goals, SMART targets. And KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) based around achieving them! However, all that changed for me, when I first met someone who has subsequently gone on to become a very good and close friend of mine, International researcher, 3 x Amazon Best Selling Author and motivational speaker Dave Hyner!

Like myself, Dave is also a motivational speaker, predominantly working with children and young adults to help them with self-belief.  However, he hasn’t always worked in schools, and previous to this has travelled most of the Western world interviewing professionals from pretty much every different walk of life and profession “from pop stars to politicians” as he advises, on WHAT enabled them to achieve the exceptional success they have within their chosen profession.

In ALL the interviews (and we are talking several hundred people) not ONE of them either spoke of or had even heard of SMART goals!

Wonder why that might be?

Take just 33mins to listen to this interview (conducted via ZOOM owing to COVID lockdown restrictions) as we discuss Why SMART simple isn’t!

The course Dave mentioned can be found here: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-massive-goal-principle/

And if you’d like to know more about what to do INSTEAD of setting SMART goals? Then click here to learn why DUMB goals are the way forward!

Episode 2: The 3 Flaws in business

In this episode, rather than spend our time together me telling you about me, my background and how I came to discover the #ADDAZERO methodology, I thought it would be far more interesting if I were interviewed about the 3 flaws that led us to develop us the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge.

Martin Lee is the Founder of Quest for Excellence, a Disney Trained Customer Service consultant.  Although we’ve known each other for a couple of years already, having been introduced through the Department of Trade & Industry where we have both done work, he had (until earlier today), never heard me keynote to a business audience.

I had been booked to deliver my award-winning ‘Get Big or Go Home’ Keynote to a large group of Business Leaders, and as Martin lived local to the venue, invited him along to sit and listen in!

Immediately after the event he approached me and said “Oh my God, we’ve GOT to get a recording of that” and so this podcast, isn’t recorded within the comfort of our studio in the office, but in the dressing room of the venue, directly after I’d finished.

Today, I’m sharing the 3 FUNDMANENTAL flaws within businesses, which either cause the glass ceiling or for them to either go or GROW broke!

Grab a pad and pen, as the nuggets in this one, come thick and fast!

Episode 1: What is #ADDAZERO?

The #ADDAZERO Business Challenge is a culmination of more than 4 years of research and 2 years of testing to determine:

What causes Big Businesses to Fail? What lessons can we learn from this? How will this impact my SME Business?

I was one of a large number of suppliers directly and significantly impacted by the collapse of Woolworths.  Since then, I set about to learn HOW a company (with an annual turnover of over £2.9Bn) could possibly go bust! And what lessons we could all learn from this.

We’ve now researched more than 150 Big Business Failures and surveyed in excess of 100K SME businesses unearthing the 3 most common flaws in growing businesses. When they first occur, and the impact both ignoring and addressing them can have on YOUR business!

We’ve used this extensive research to cultivate a series of ‘questions’ and ‘benchmarks’ to pose to ANY business in order to reduce the risk of failure as they hit the accelerator from growth to SCALE.

With no less than 8 of our clients now have become finalists in the Entrepreneur of the year awards (4 winner within their category) and countless others winning both regional and industry-specific awards for growth, development, diversification, entrepreneurship.

Alongside our Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Awards, we were added to the UK ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100 list.  Recognised for our Ethical approach to the Significant and Sustainable Business Scale.

We’ve now made it our MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners #ADDAZERO to their Personal Disposable Income! – Welcome to the #ADDAZERO Podcast, brought to you by My TrueNORTH, The UK’s leading Ethical Coaching Company.