Client Commitment Statement

In order for My TrueNORTH to deliver all it can to you in the growth of both you and your business, it is important that we have your commitment and dedication to the implementation of the agreements we make over the period of engagement.

To ensure that we can deliver these to you, we ask you to please make note of the following and commit to these throughout our engagement.

  1. You are ready and prepared to invest in yourself every month throughout this coaching process, be on time and focus throughout each session on the task at hand without interruption.
  2. You will be willing to both offer and receive honest feedback at all times. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly.  In order for us to provide you the very best, we need to know when we do, and be given the opportunity to amend things should we ever fall short. The same goes for you from both your coach and other members of your Mastermind.
  3. You will be honest, truthful and upfront with your coach and throughout the process.
  4. You accept this is a coaching process, and that success doesn’t either grow on trees or happen overnight!
  5. You are fully committed to this process, and shall give at least 2 working days’ notice, should it ever become necessary to cancel an appointment. Should this not be possible you accept that you may forgo the coaching session.
  6. You will remain realistic with your expectations of yourself, your business and what we can work together to achieve, but likewise, be open and willing to be challenged and encouraged to achieve more.
  7. You will be prepared to work towards your set goals and be willing to ‘try new things’ as suggested, discussed and during your coaching sessions.
  8. You are prepared to change in order to achieve new heights within your business.

We look forward to being of service to you.