Case studies

I remain forever grateful for the opportunity to work with the clients with whom we work.

I often advise clients, you should have the same amount of openness and honesty with your coach/mentor/sherpa as you would your Doctor and/or your Priest!

You see, you are unlikely to have an appointment with your Doctor and then only share with them one of your symptoms and hope they can guess the rest. You are unlikely to tell them about the pain in your foot, when it originated by a fall that jarred your back!

Likewise, when in conversation with whichever faith leader you believe in.  And only tell them what you think they want to hear, rather than what you REALLY need help to understand.

Your Coach/Mentor/Sherpa can only work with that which you share, and that which they observe! The more you share, the more informed they are, the more they can consider to determine HOW best to help you achieve your goals. (And not just the little ones, but the BFHAG too).

Here are a number of CASE STUDIES on client we have/are working with to achieve THEIR BFHAG!

  1. How we worked with this business owner who more than TRIPLED his first business AND set up 2 others whilst working less and less in any of them!
    Case Study – Food Retailer
  2. How we helped this business owner grow his business sufficient to buy his dream house from a SIDE HUSTLE and grow towards 8 figures inside 5 years.
    Case Study – IT Support Business
  3. How we helped this business owner reduce overheads, more than double profits and sell the business without any thought of EBITDA so she could travel!
    Case Study – Marketing Agency
  4. How we helped this business owner, plug a hole in the business.  Amend the business model enabling him to employ his wife and son, whilst going Global.
    Case Study – Notary Business
  5. How we helped this business owner amend the business model to achieve 5 x growth inside 12 months. And find an additional £250K NET in the process!
    Case Study – Training Provider
  6. How we helped this business owner HIT the previous years annual turnover by July.  And double it AGAIN the following year!
    Case Study – Chartered Surveyor Practice

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