There is NOTHING more delightful than to watch as your client steps onto stage to receive the award recognising them as being the best in the industry, or receiving the mobile video call, sharing the first time they open the doors to their ‘forever’ dream home.

I genuinely LOVE what we are able to assist our clients in achieving for them, their families and their businesses; and remain forever grateful for the opportunity to share that journey with them.

It is therefore with much gratitude, that I am also able to share A word or two from just a handful of the many clients we have and are working with to #ADDAZERO to their Personal Disposable Income.

Liz Ward, Lawyer – Virtuoso Legal

Liz Ward headshot“Jay is a brilliant business coach/mentor and speaker.

He is extremely thoughtful, and has great insight into all aspects of running a business.

I really value his advice and help. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his encouragement and support, which is why he gets a special mention within my book.”


Wayne Margetts, Group Operations Director – Triform Group

“As a true innovator and business improvement specialist, Jay’s ADDAZERO Business challenge has seen remarkable results for entrepreneurs and SMEs all across the UK wanting to be and do more”



Simon Hulme, Chief Finance Officer – Assista Healthcare

Simon Hulme Headshot

“Jay is no ordinary business coach.  He puts his client’s life, love of their work and purpose at the core of 

everything he does, in a truly supportive and unique way.

He has been instrumental in helping us find the clarity and direction for where to take the company, and for that I am most grateful”


John Durkin, Business Psychologist – ExcelR8

John Durkin

“There are a lot of great coaches out there, but far fewer great men.

I can confidently say that Jay Allen is undoubtedly both. If you’re serious about the success of your business, and your future happiness, then don’t let another minute pass without scheduling a free unconditional conversation. This man changed my life.”


Phil O’Conner, Chartered IFA – Whitewells Wealth Management

Phil OConner

“Since joining Jay’s #ADDAZERO Mastermind my business has taken some giant leaps forward both in terms of financials but also enjoyment and fun!   

Working with Jay and the members of the group has really helped me to nail down each month what needs to happen in my business. Make a smart decision for you, your family and your business and join an #ADDAZERO Mastermind. Everybody needs a Jay on their team!”

Charles Gregory, Creative Director – ARTS Photography

Mr Charles Gregory

“Aside form being one of the most generous and giving people I know, Jays extensive knowledge about business, and critically, how to think like the top 1% of business owners, make him both fascinating and a pleasure to work with. 

Jay will challenge your perspective, make you see an alternative way that most would never see, but most importantly helps you to find your WHY.”

Amanda Daniels, Marketing Architect – Koogar

Amanda Daniels headshot“Jay has been instrumental in the review of my Digital Agency, and in subsequently helping to transition to where we now are as a Marketing Architect Consultancy . 

Benefitting from membership to his #ADDAZERO Explorer Mastermind has enabled us to add zero’s to both the business and personal income”

Case Studies

Chartered Surveyor Practice

Doubled the turnover within 7 months, and doubled it again within the next 15.

Food Retailer

More than tripled turnover within first business, created a 2nd 7 figure business and launching a 3rd.

IT Support Business

Tripled turnover, whilst buying out business partner and becoming mortgage free inside 3 years.

Marketing Agency

60% reduction in operational costs, whilst growing team, and eventual high 6 figure sale.

Notary Business

Amended business model to increase margins, enabling to reinvest in business development to become a global provider.