#ADDAZERO Masterclasses

Hands-On Training with #ADDAZERO Founder: Jay Allen

#ADDAZERO Founder: Jay Allen


Alongside the Mastermind groups and 1:1 mentoring we provide, we also offer a series of Masterclasses to support business owners to grow both themselves and their businesses.

For some, they see this as a ‘taster‘ of who we are and what we do, before deciding to invest in one of our mastermind programmes. For others, they prefer the DIY approach – aren’t looking for a coach right now, but have identified a specific need to learn more and implement something specifically for their business.

As part of our mission to eradicate unemployment in the UK by supporting 1,000,000 SME Business Owners to #ADDAZERO, we invite you to come, learn, share and benefit from all that is My TrueNORTH.

See below for further details…

Business Mastermind Discovery Session

Are you tired of trying to grow your business all by yourself? Do you feel like you’re constantly running into roadblocks and could benefit from the wisdom of others who have already navigated the challenges you’re facing?

Introducing My TrueNORTH Mastermind Discovery Session – An exclusive opportunity for you to connect with like-minded business owners who are dedicated to taking their businesses to the next level. This isn’t your typical networking event – it’s a deep dive into the power of collaboration, brainstorming, and accountability.

Imagine being part of a small, select group of business owners who are committed to helping each other succeed. In this group, you’ll have the opportunity to share your challenges and successes, get feedback on your ideas, and tap into the collective knowledge and experience of your peers.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience as part of a Mastermind group:

  1. Fresh perspectives: Sometimes, when you’re working on your business day in and day out, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Being part of a Mastermind group gives you the opportunity to get fresh perspectives on your business from people who are just as invested in your success as you are.

  2. Accountability: It’s easy to let things slide when you’re only accountable to yourself. But when you’re part of a Mastermind group, you’ll have a built-in system of accountability that will help keep you on track towards your goals.

  3. Access to expertise: No one person has all the answers. But when you’re part of a Mastermind group, you’ll have access to a wealth of expertise from people with different backgrounds and experiences.

  4. Networking: While the primary focus of a Mastermind group is on helping each other grow our businesses, there’s also the added benefit of expanding your network. Who knows – you might even find your next business partner or client in the group!

At our Mastermind Discovery Session, you’ll get a free taster of what it’s like to be part of a Mastermind group. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other business owners, share your challenges and successes, and get feedback on your ideas. You’ll leave the session feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take your business to the next level.

So if you’re ready to stop struggling on your own and start tapping into the power of collaboration, sign up for our Mastermind Discovery Session today.

“It paid for itself within the first hour”


“One of the best courses I’ve EVER attended”


“Pure gold”


Who should attend?

Business Owners / Senior Decision Makers of businesses looking to grow both personally and professionally. Ready to ‘do the work’ in order to reap the rewards, and recognise that “We don’t know, what we don’t know” but that “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

If this video resonates with you, then we look forward to welcoming you, so that we may be of service. 

Who shouldn’t attend?

Those who think growing a business is doing more of the same but quicker. Those looking to ‘stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap’ or those with either a ‘been there, done that’ or ‘that won’t work’ mindset.

Those who are not open to a different way of thinking, or trying new things to help and improve both them and their business.

Those who blame Politics, Religion, Brexit, Covid, the wrong type of leaves or the fact it rained last Saturday for why they are where they are! And those who live in victim “in my industry…” mindset!

Those who think Automation, Bot and AI is the answer to everything. And those, who don’t understand (or want to understand) that Customer is KING.

Finally, those who insist on ‘going it alone’.  Who maintain a cloak of secrecy around everything, and challenges anyone to ‘not knowing their industry like they do’.

These highly informative, interactive and sharing environments, may not be the place you want to hang out!

Is this a Physical or Digital event?

We deliver a combination of both In-person and Online training. Check the event for details as to whether this is to be held at our offices in Warrington, Cheshire – UK or delivered via Zoom

Will it be recorded?

Yes, the entire workshop shall be recorded, and made available to those who attend.

Where is the venue?

Our offices are:

St James Business Centre
St James Court
Wilderspool Causeway
Cheshire – WA4 6PS
United Kingdom

CHECK the details of the Masterclass/Workshop you are attending to determine if this is an In-Person or Online delivery. 

An email confirmation shall also include all details about the training you have booked. 

What time does it start?

Full-day Masterclass/Workshops

Our FULL-DAY workshop/Masterclasses start with Registration at 09.15Hrs for a 09.30Hrs start and run until 16.45Hrs – 17.15Hrs

Half-day Masterclass/Workshops

Our HALF-DAY workshop/Masterclasses:

AM Registration at 09.15Hrs for a 09.30Hrs start and run until 12.00Hrs – 12.30Hrs

PM Registration at 13.15Hrs for a 13.30Hrs start and run until 16.00Hrs – 16.30Hrs

What time does it finish?

Be advised, whilst formal training shall be completed by the timings shown. ALL Workshops/Masterclasses finish with a Q&A. Dependant on how many questions are asked, shall determine when the Scaleup Sherpa finishes, as will not leave until all syllabus-related questions are fully covered. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. All course material shall be provided for you.

You may wish to bring a further notebook and know (or have access to) the main numbers for your business.  You may also wish to bring a laptop/tablet/smartphone as some of the exercises may require you to access the internet!

My question isn’t listed…

Not a problem, if your question is regarding the event – Click here to email to the admin team. If your question is regarding you/your business, this will be a fully interactive and bespoke training, and there will be a full and detailed Q&A session immediately after the masterclass.


We also provide both ONLINE and IN-PERSON Business Masterminds, working collaboratively to Significantly & Sustainably grow both you and your business. More details of which can be found HERE.

1:1 Consultancy

We also reserve just FIVE places for Business Leaders seeking both on and offsite 1:1 ScaleUP Mentoring / Consultancy work. More details of which can be found HERE.



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