Despite having a great CRM, with everyone details it’s never quite as simple as dropping an email or picking up the phone.

Since a number of our clients recently moved up into our Explorer Mastermind group, it has left a ‘void’ in our JSO Mini-Mastermind group which has yet to be filled. I recall getting people to join this group was relatively easy, we spent an email inviting them to join us, we included details about all the added benefits attendee’s would leave with and gave them a clear method of reserving their seat.
However, one year on, and people have become more particular as to HOW they wish to be communicated with.  I’ve seen a number of business owners SWITCH OFF their Facebook account advising ‘It’s become too much of a distraction

And likewise, I receive more, auto-responders from email these days than ever before as people more away from being bombarded with STUFF!

In order to get our message to as large an audience as we wanted and to get a good open, click through rate, we’ve had to incorporate Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Skype Messenger, Linkedin, alongside email, letters and the telephone!

My point here is just because email is EASY doesn’t make it RIGHT!

When we talk about touch points, we actually have to have touched them, not their overflowing inbox, and more importantly not only do we need to have touched them, but touched them in the right way as to make a meaningful and lasting impression, which over time helps build and maintain that KNOW, LIKE, TRUST relationship we require in order to continue being one of the IN crowd, and not just another pesky salesman!

So what are YOU doing to maintain the RIGHT relationship with your prospects AND customers, how do you measure the response of those touch points to determine IF and WHEN they are ready to progress the relationship, and what do you have in reserve for those times when you need something special to bring things back onto course, when that little thing called LIFE gets in the way!