SAS Pathfinder

SAS Pathfinder™ gives you a safe and secure community of fellow business owners, where you can spend some time working collaboratively ON the business, not forever IN the business. And in so doing, raise your awareness of possibility, improve efficiencies and help you to Significantly And Sustainably grow both you and your business. By choosing the RIGHT path towards YOUR Success Summit.™

  • You should NOT apply to join SAS Pathfinder if:

    1. You are expecting new business to simply fall in your lap without doing anything different
    2. You are of the ‘been there, tried that’ camp and unwilling to try new and different ways of working
    3. You do not want to share with other business owners
    4. You are unwilling to contribute your knowledge and experience to the hurdles other business owners share with you
    5. You are unable/unwilling to designate time to working ON your business
  • You SHOULD apply to join SAS PAthfinder if:

    1. You recognise what got you HERE, may well not get you where you want to be. And that to achieve a different outcome, we have to first achieve a different level of thinking and doing.
    2. You are ready to share your hurdles with other business owners in a safe and secure environment.
    3. You are willing to contribute to them and the hurdles they share any knowledge, experience, idea’s you feel may be beneficial to them.



It is our #MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners to  #ADDAZERO to their Personal Disposable Income. And we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to become a part of that.

  • Q.How do I know if I qualify to join SAS Pathfinder?

    A.We are more interested in Aptitude and Attitude, than turnover, sector and geography.

    If you have read and acknowledged the “People who SHOULD” and “People who SHOULDN’T” join SAS Pathfinder and resonate more with those who should than those who can’t?

    If you are the sole business owner / key decision maker and ready to Significantly And Sustainably grow you and your business, then we welcome your application.

  • Q.How will people from outside my industry understand my business sufficient to help me?

    A.The great news is, they don’t need to. You see, we are NOT talking at a managerial level, we are working more strategically, looking at the GROWTH of both you and your business.

    Therefore the DIVERSITY of knowledge, experience and background of business owners brings so much MORE to each SAS Pathfinder than everyone working in the same sector or industry.

  • Q.Who leads each meeting?

    A.Jay Allen is a 2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner, Listed in the UK on the ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100.

    Jay either facilitates, co-facilitates or assigns a personally selected #ADDAZERO SCALE sherpa to host each SAS Pathfinder mastermind.

  • Q.How many members are in each group?

    A.We invite up to 16 business owners per SAS Pathfinder. Sufficient to ensure diversity of experience within each group, without being so large as to loose the intensity available within each. Beyond this, we invite applications to join a new SAS Pathfinder mastermind.

  • Q.How do you select who joins a group?

    A.Its aptitude and attitude over turnover, sector or geography.

    As long as applicants have read the “Who SHOULD apply” and “Who SHOULDN’T apply” section above, and resonate with the SHOULD more than the SHOULDN’T we welcome youre application.

  • Q.Where and when are the meetings held?

    A.Each meeting is hosted within a secure private ZOOM meeting, which the link and password is circulated to each SAS Pathfinder prior to each meeting. Furthermore, this is then LOCKED once all members are present, (to further ensure privacy and confidentiality)

    They are hosted on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (January – November) with the VIP day being hosted in December.

  • Q.How long is the commitment to SAS Pathfinder?

    A.You are joining an annual membership. We find the FULL value comes once you have built a good rapport with your other SAS Pathfinder masterminders. This takes time. Therefore, commit to less than this, and your unlikely to get EVERYTHING mastermind has to offer.

  • Q.Do I need any special equipment?

    A.No. Zoom is a diverse platform which allows you to attend via either PC or Apple, and use Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

    Furthermore, (whilst not encouraged) and unable to log in on any of the above, it is possible to DIAL IN from either landline or mobile with local rate numbers also.

  • Q.Who determines what is discussed in the SAS Pathfinder meeting?

    A.There is NOTHING that is ‘off limits’ within SAS Pathfinder.

    If you are open and ready to discuss, then SAS Pathfinder is ready to listen, share, and offer guidance and advice.

    You will never get more than you give within SAS Pathfinder, so the more you are willing to share, the more you are likely to gain from membership of.

  • Q.What if I’m unable to attend a meeting?

    A.We ask every SAS Pathfinder to commit to this process as you would every other aspect of your business, and treat your fellow SAS Pathfinders in the same context your most valuable clients.

    On the rare condition where (Stuff Happens) we simply ask you communicate with the SAS Pathfinder Facilitator at the earliest possible opportunity that they are aware of your circumstances.

  • Q.What is expected of me as a member of SAS Pathfinder? set time aside to fully commit to this process. To join each SAS Pathfinder in an environment you are NOT going to be disturbed or distracted, and to commit to the process throughout each session FULLY, to the same level you expect others to commit to you and your business.

  • Q.What if I need further help and support?

    A.Alongside SAS Pathfinder there is also a forever growing digital VAULT of information to include downloads, cheat sheets, templates, podcasts interviews and numerous other resources we know to have a Significant And Sustainable growth to both you and your business.

    SAS Pathfinders also benefit from 20% saving on 1:1 mentorship provided by 2 x Global Entrepreneurship ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner – Jay Allen.

  • Q.What if either you or I determine SAS Pathfinder is not the right solution for me and my business?

    A.We also provide #ADDAZERO Explorer Mastermind and 1:1 Mastery mentorship. Simply have a conversation with your Facilitator if you feel these would be more appropriate to you and your success plans.

Annual Membership
£2,9601 annual investment
  • 1 x Annual Investment (Saving £497)
  • INCLUDES 1 x 1:1 Strategy Session (£RRP £650)
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Monthly Instalments
£29612 x Monthly Instalments
  • Spreading the cost across the year
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