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Whilst I’ve forever heard the expression ‘There is a book inside everyone’. It wasn’t until I had emergency Lazer Surgery to prevent me from going blind, I found the book(s) inside me!

After years of being asked, told, and insisted; that I should write a book and always replying “maybe one day I will” in March 2015 I almost went blind!

I was busy delivering an interactive workshop in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for a group of business owners seeking to SCALE their business.  During the Q&A at the end of the workshop, Mr P J Patel, an ophthalmologist and owner of 2 Eye Clinics asked “What’s wrong with your eye?” I wasn’t aware of anything other than feeling tired and was a little annoyed the question wasn’t regarding the content I’d been delivering.

“If you were simply tired, you’d be rubbing both your eyes” He continued “Why are you only rubbing your left eye?” I was neither aware I had been nor as to why I was; however, the gentleman had introduced himself 3 hours earlier as a local optometrist, and was intrigued when he came forward and asked to look into my eye!

Less than 4 hours later, I was having emergency surgery on my eye to prevent almost certain blindness.  The surgery itself deemed I would be blinded for approx 2 weeks post surgery whilst my eye recovered! With STRICT instructions not to attempt to watch TV, Look at a computer screen, go outside or do anything with a ‘back light’.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks, I sat with my dictaphone, and ‘wrote’ – Battlefield2Boardroom.


10 Proven Military Strategies to Combat Mediocrity

Having successfully served for over 12 years in the British Armed Forces, and witnessed first-hand how each team comes together to overcome whatever hurdles are thrown at it, to achieve the mission.  I’ve applied the same logic to the last 3 businesses I’ve owned, all with the same results – RAPID GROWTH, and award-winning results.

This book is an essential easy read for any business owner looking to progress beyond the realms of mediocrity, by creating a proven strategy which every member of the team can apply with some amazing results.

Road to Utopia (and how to take a shortcut)The Road2Utopia

(And how to take a Shortcut)

Everyone who has bought a copy of Battlefield2Boardroom has given 5* raving reviews as to both its simplicity of application and ease of reading.  However, the only criticism was that it made several references to teams, and not everyone already had a team or that not everyone in the team was ON BOARD!

The Road2Utopia was written and published in 2017. Where we look predominantly at individuals and help align mindset to achieve more and far quicker than would otherwise have been capable.  It’s about individual performance, changing perception as to exactly what IS possible, and helps the reader re-calibrate their goals to be bigger, (MUCH BIGGER) and achieve them in record time!
If you’ve got a ‘vision board’ or a ‘bucket list’ then this is definitely for you.  And if you have neither….. then perhaps you ought to start by reading Battlefield2Boardroom!


The Ultimate Guide to Significant and Sustainable SCALE – Book1 (Establishing BaseCamp)

Not EVERY business owner wants to SCALE their business (and I get that). But I’ve never met one that didn’t want to Significantly and sustainably grow both them and their business, earn more money whilst doing fewer hours!

ADDAZERO is the culmination of almost 7 years of research into Big Business Failure!  To learn the lessons that cause them in order to prevent you from making the same errors!  We’ve reviewed the cause of more than 150 BIG business failures and identified the main causes of failure. From this, we’ve determined what people, systems and processes are required within the business to minimise the risk of this ever occurring AND then tested it on 12 businesses to ensure it is as robust as required to apply to ANY business and achieve SCALE. (Rate of income growth exceeds the rate of expenditure costs, enabling greater profits the more the business grows).

By far this is our most detailed, in-depth and most considered work, and has formed the platform on which we now provide ALL our services to business leaders across the work.


The Ultimate Guide to Significant and Sustainable SCALE – Book2 (Scale to Summit)

Whilst book 1 (Establishing BaseCamp) is a MUST for every business owner looking to build and scale a sustainable business.  It is the prequel to book 2 – Scale to Summit.  However, I urge you NOT to simply skip to book 2. Do so, and you risk trying to scale on unfounded or unestablished foundations, and risk either GROWING or GOING broke!

Scale to Summit is therefore written on the premise you already have implemented all the teachings within book 1, and are now ready to scale.  This book, pickes up where book 1 left off. And supports you to establish the additional demands and requirements for a Scaleable business.

Reading both of these books alone, will not make you a millionaire overnight. And yet, implementing all that is within to you and your business, will remove all of the barriers currently preventing you from becoming so.