Over the last few years, we’ve been asked HUNDREDS of questions regarding the significant and sustainable growth of both business and business owner.

Here, we’ve tried to catalogue as many of those questions as possible, as we believe that for everyone that has asked, there must be at least a dozen more than have thought, but not asked, and many more who haven’t even yet stopped to think!

Coaching Questions (12)

Currently, Explorer Mastermind is our highest level of Group Coaching/Mentorship. (Although there are plans afoot to launch Summit Seeker in 2020!). However, whilst we know we provide an exceptional level of value both in terms of coaching/mentorship, accountability, support (not only to business owner, but also key members of their team) this is NOT for everyone!

It could well be, that you’re not keen on a shared learning environment, or that you do not fully acknowledge the concept ‘giver’s gain’ in that to get more out, you have to first put more in.  It might be that you are so determined and concentrated in your own business growth, that any thought or notion of helping others to achieve, is simply a distraction to your own mission!  If this sounds like a fair appraisal of where you are right now, then a shared Mastermind environment most probably is NOT the right place for you right now, and it might be that you’d prefer a 1:1 coaching/mentorship instead?

However, for those that do understand and acknowledge that Together Everyone Achieves More.  The extreme power of a Mastermind and the impact it can have both on you and your business in terms of both speed and distance travelled, then submitting an application to join one of our Explorer Mastermind groups might well be the very best decision you make this year!

You might be surprised to read that as the founder and one of the Directors of My TrueNORTH, why I’m writing an article about why our Pathfinder package ISN’T right for you?  But the simple reason is, as the UK’s leading Ethical Business Coaching Company it’s far more important we remain open, honest and transparent than it is to simple generate profit!

Whilst our Pathfinder has been specifically designed to answer the call from so many business owners looking to LEARN more about how to grow their existing business, it’s not for everyone!

We know that whilst each course is specifically designed to address the concerns so many business owners face in terms of planning, finance, recruitment/staff, marketing, sales etc and that each highly interactive course is capable of making a huge difference in the business owners thinking, and understanding of HOW to grow their business.  We also know that for some, this approach to growth is not appropriate.

It might be that they already have a lot of the teachings we have to share in place, and do not require to ‘go over old ground’ in order to grow. Or maybe they already have designated team members responsible for each of the subjects taught and although business owner, no longer personally responsible for the day to day application of these.  For these business owners, I’d probably recommend our Explorer™ Mastermind is more in line with their current requirements.

Let’s get that complimentary coaching call booked in, so we can determine where you are, where you want to be, and the best means of getting you there! After all, It’s only once we can map the journey you have already taken, that we can determine what you need to do to achieve everything you set out to achieve”

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Yes, I do have experience with working with Couple run / Family run businesses. Working as either a couple in business or a family run business can be an exceptionally beneficial opportunity. The work life balance is often different to that with no related employee’s and the passion, drive, and detemrination to succeed can often be far greater when ALL employee’s have the SAME goals. However, this can also cause much strain. When Work’Life balance are not clearly defined, when perameters of resposibility are not clear, when there are many hands trying to all pull in a variety of different directions tempers can sore and productivity dramatically decrease. I am currently coaching 3 couple run businesses and 2 family run businesses, and happy to work with the Business Owner to establish how best I can support them in the growth of both them and their businesses.

Again, Yes. Owning a well-run franchise can often provide the ‘best of both worlds’ with the autonomy to run your business the way you wish to whilst having the backing and support of the franchisor. However, badly run franchise’s becomes lots more problematic. Too much autocracy from the centre preventing the business owner from having the freedom to grow their business the way they wish to can cause deep-seated problems for both sides. I’m currently coaching 2 franchisee’s, and through this, have been invited to speak at the Franchisor’s national event to other franchisee’s on the support I am providing.

Congratulations, thats great news. I’m really pelased that you’ve got this far without the help or support of a business coach! However, I often compare this sceanrio to a game of golf! (Not that I am any good at golf!) But if you can imagine there are 2 people setting out to play golf. 1 has chosen to book a series of lessons with the Golf professional at the local golf club, and goes every week for a lesson, whilst the other heads out first to the driving range, and quickly moved to their first round. The later of these plays golf far quicker than the former. And, if they do this frequently soon learns through trial and error, brute force and ignorance to become quite a good golfer. Whilst the other may have started off slowly, 8 years later one is playing in the masters whilst the other watches on the TV from the local municiple golf club house! On a more personal note, my brother and I were both taught music from an early age. I was always the entertainer, where as he was always the musician. All these years later and I can still play a good tune whilst he is conducting orchestra’s all over the world! It’s great you have achieved everything you have already, I genuinely salute you. However, there will come a time where you hit a glass ceiling, through which you cannot break without the help and support of someone to guide you how. Coaching teaches you more about yourself than any book or look in the mirror, it will help you play to your strengths and learn from your weaknesses, untilately it will help you become the most elite version of you that you can be!

Whilst I predominantly work with established businesses, I never say No. So, so whilst you might currently be a ‘start-up’ it’s about where you want to end up not where you are starting out from that’s most important to me. We are soon to launch our ADDAZERO Online Course helping business owners from every aspect and size of business to ensure they have the 8 fundamentals of business covered in order they can SCALE their business. Our JSOV Club is a great place to start as someone new to business or new to coaching.

There’s a long and a short answer to this one, but in a nutshell, the answer is possibly not, and that’s a GOOD thing. You see, I don’t need to know about the ‘nuts and bolts’ detail of your business to be able to work with you! and that’s because I’m not applying for a job, and don’t need to be able to DO the job, in order to be in the best position to coach you on running a business. Any business, in fact, EVERY business must have certain aspects to survive. We’ve divided Business up into a set of 8 segments, and work with every client to identify these within their business, look at the importance each of them plays and the relationship they have with the other elements of the business. We also know A LOT about numbers – which ones are crucially important, which ones we need to concentrate on and how best to make a BIG IMPACT on them. What I DO have is a proven track record (2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Awards & Listed on the ‘Clear Business Thinking POWER 100) of working with business owners to significantly and sustainably grow them and their businesses.

The short answer is ALL types, and the reason for this is simple. I’m not coaching the business! I’m coaching the business owner to significantly and sustainably grow both them and their businesses. I’ve worked with hundreds (if not) thousands of business owners from a whole array of different businesses. Both online, digital businesses, through to offline, bricks and mortar more traditional businesses. From product-based to service-based, Both UK based and those based elsewhere in the world. However, I don’t tend to work with business owners who “Been there, done that, it doesn’t work for me” kinda people, or those that continually challenge new thoughts and idea’s or suggestions. Those stuck in their ways or simply want ME to fix it by getting into the day to day running of their business for them. The business owners who still think money grows on trees, and there is an overnight success just waiting for them! I’m looking to work with business owners with a genuine desire to grow both them and their businesses. Those who are open to new idea’s and suggestions, keen to try new things, learn from others and implement their new found learning, and willing to share the journey they are having with others that they may learn also. I love working with business owners who acknowledge not everything comes easy, and there will be tough times ahead, where I’m able to offer a friendly shoulder to lean on if required or a pair of size 12’s if its necessary!

That’s great, so you already understand the benefit of coaching, and have something in place. Ironically, I also have both a business coach and a fitness coach (as does my coach!), and I also currently work to support 4 other coaching professionals; you see there are many facets to coaching, and it’s about ensuring you have the right level of support at the right time in order to ensure your working at your optimum.

There are many coaches out there, offering many different ways of coaching.

Choosing a coach is almost like choosing a good pair of running shoes!

Nike, Adidas, Asics all produce good quality running shoes, but some prefer one whilst others another. I’m a ‘conversational’ coach, with a myriad of examples, case studies and statistics to support our conversations whist guiding you to make the bigger choices the bigger considerations, the bigger impact on you, your family and your business.

I’ve got a big heart and just as big pair of shoes!

I’m just as comfortable giving you some support and recognition when you achieve results, as I am giving you a (metaphoric) kick if you need to be spurred on to achieve more.

We recognise the term coach when it comes to any sport and have seen many a top athlete acknowledge they would never have been able to achieve their Gold Medal without the help and support of their coach. Yet, outside of sport a little less common.

The two are intrinsically linked though: Any athlete wishing to achieve the best they are capable of understands the need to work with a coach to push, train and hold them to account to achieve more than they would otherwise be possible.

The same in business, none of us know, what we don’t know, yet its not knowing that is preventing you from making the biggest and most impactful decisions to grow both personally and professionally.

In order to make BIG decisions, we need to feel both competent and confident, and for that we need someone who can guide us, support us, ask the right and necessary questions that nobody else is either thinking or willing to ask, to ensure you develop both confidence and competence to make bigger decisions, bigger choices, and have bigger impact and bigger outcomes. Alone, you can achieve much, but to achieve most, you need a coach! they are not my words, but the words of both Bill Gates AND Steve Jobbs! I’ve got one also, and so should you!

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