Over the last few years, we’ve been asked HUNDREDS of questions regarding the significant and sustainable growth of both business and business owner.

Here, we’ve tried to catalogue as many of those questions as possible, as we believe that for everyone that has asked, there must be at least a dozen more than have thought, but not asked, and many more who haven’t even yet stopped to think!

Personal Development Questions (9)

Interestingly enough, less than 10 years ago the concept of Business Coaching to everyone other than those working in the top end of PLC land was almost unheard of, and yet as more and more business owners come to realise the huge benefit having a coach (just like in EVERY professional sport) has on both personal and professional development, the more common place the role of a Business Coach has become.

It’s interesting though.  There have been a number of times when I’ve been invited to networking events when people learn I’m a Business Coach and declare “I’ve already got a coach!” as if I’m about to pounce on them and pester them for business! (When nothing could be further from the truth). You’ll notice I’ve already stated, “When I’m invited…” not “When I go…” as these days the only time you tend to find me at networking events, is when the event organiser has invited me to present our #ADDAZERO Business Challenge keynote to the business owner audience!  I’m not there to ‘tout’ for business and CERTAINLY have no intent of suggesting to anyone to ‘ditch your coach and come and join me!’. That’s simply NOT how we work.  The fact is, if you already have a coach, that’s GREAT.  Then you already understand the immense power and impact having an impartial view point, an independent guide can have both on you and your business. I’m really pleased (and open) about the coaches and mentor I have within my life, and more than happy to talk and share the experience I’ve had (and having) as a result.

But, just like in the very top international level of sports (that’s where you want your business to get to right? The very TOP, PREMIERSHIP level?) not one sportsperson has ONE coach.  Let’s take motor racing for a moment; Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have ONE coach!  He has a number of coaches concentrating on each area of his life (both work and personal) to help him manage each aspect of his life to be the very best version of himself he can be.  Aside from his driving coach, he’ll also have a fitness coach, a psychologist, a nutritionist, a financial coach most probably a marketing/brand/PR coach as well.  There is an entire team of people working in the background to support Lewis to be the very best he can be in each and every aspect of his life.

I’m THRILLED you already have a coach. That makes you more like me, because like you, I have a number of people that coach/mentor me also!  It also means your more open to being coached, and that makes helping you SCALE your business easier to begin with.  I’m CERTAINLY not looking to cross anyone off the list.  Quite the opposite, last year alone I referred a number of my existing clients TOO other coaches with whom I knew they would get great benefit from working with, IF and WHEN there is a need/requirement to review and amend various aspects of you and your life to become the very best version of you that you can be.  Trust me, I’m NOT a fitness coach.  Nor can I advise you on nutrition, or your personal Brand Management.  I have a very specific niche to which I work well, and that is working with Owner Managers (or Managing Directors with autonomy to make all the day to day decisions within the business) to move from a GROWTH model to a SCALE model.

There are 2 answers here: Firstly, if you’re a business owner, you may well require both! You see, I’ve come across too many business owners that fall into one of two camps! There are those that know loads about business, but fear to implement it in case its wrong, and either fear failure or success so significantly that they keep learning but fail to implement.
These business owners get more and more frustrated because the more they learn, the more they think their business should be successful, without actually implementing much of what they have learned! Then there are those whose business is struggling, not owing to IT not being capable, but the business owner either not knowing or not having the confidence and competence to allow it to become all it is capable of!
Either the business is strangling the owner, or the owner is strangling the business, either way, its not working effectively! Both of these people need a BUSINESS COACH. We’ve tried to blend personal development (for business) with business development in order to aide the business and the business owner growing together. However, for those as either employee’s with no desire to run their own business, or those looking for personal development outside of being business related, there is a whole myriad of coaches who specialise in this kind of coaching.
I’m more than happy to endorse Will Polston, founder of TEN (THe Elite Network) as an outstanding coach in this field. He’s got the knowledge, experience, and ability to really help people develop themselves well. You can find more details about Will by visiting his TEN website: https://the-elite-network.co.uk

Pathfinder isn’t for everyone. It can identify weaknesses that perhaps you were unaware of and encourage you to learn about things you never realised were relevant. You should also be THE decision maker or the KEY decision maker within the business.  However, for those that do fit this description, we offer one of the most comprehensive support programmes on the market!

I’ve got some GREAT news…

Thats probably THE most commonly used reasons as to why most people opt NOT to join a mastermind group (so your not alone).  Their are a multiple of reasons as to why you may THINK your not ready for Mastermind, and a few more as to why you might not actually be ready for a mastermind!

  1. I’ve never done anything like this before – Fabulous, then you don’t have any pre-concieved idea’s or comparisons to make, and you can enter with a fresh perspective and take it for what it is!
  2. I’ve not got the time – Then you’ve probably not got the time to do any other form of personal and business development, resulting in the business becoming stagnant, you loosing your enjoyment of it, and ultimately the business failing!  No, seriously, if your not ready to commit 24Hrs every 8 weeks to the future success of your business, you most probably aren’t yet ready for what Mastermind has to offer.
  3. I’m already in a Peer-to-Peer support group. OK, hows that working out for you?  In my experience, peer-to-peer is great for sharing wins and maybe a few referrals, but without either an agenda, or some commitments and an independant person there to DRIVE you and your business on, they rarely last for long and become more of a self appreciation society than a structured SCALE program.
  4. I can’t afford it. If thatrs the case you really can’t afford NOT to.  You see, Mastermind is designed to help you and your business to significantly and sustainably grow.  Yes, there is a cost, but rather than seeing it as such, recognise it as the investment both you and your business need, to take you to the next level.
  5. I wouldn’t know where to start. Ironically, neither do ANY of the other people who join Mastermind.  We are all business owners, we all had our ‘first meeting’ and all remember how that felt!  Mastermind is about providing the help, encouragement, guidance, education, assistance, and accountability required to support its members grow both personally and professionally.

Be under no illusion: our #ADDAZERO Explorer Mastermind isn’t for everyone.

It can be brutal and unforgiving and really push you to achieve more and more and more. However, if you are THE decision maker or the KEY decision maker and be running a business with a turnover in excess of £200K then your likely to currently be questioning as to whether or not to join the one thing thats going to help transform your business over the next 12,18,24 months.

If this doesn’t apply to you, then perhaps our Pathfinder program may be better suited to you?…

Great, that’s the very best time to take on a coach!
You see any form of uncertainty be that uncertain as to whether to turn left or right, whether to take them on or lay them off, whether to enroll or wait another year. Uncertainty is costing you both time and money. Coaching is specifically designed to help you develop both the confidence and competence to make bigger, bolder more impactful decisions quicker. Coaching is about developing you AND your business so as it grows you grow and vice versa.

Whilst our programs have been designed to cater for the needs of those on each program, it is acknowledged some business owner either require more or desire more help and support than others, therefore we have regular review meetings (90days) with every client to establish how best we can support them to achieve THEIR goals.

That often depends on where you started out from, where you have come to and where you are hoping to get to? In order to best answer that, we offer a 30min complimentary coaching call, so we can learn a little more about each other, to establish what is the right course of action and whether My TrueNORTH is the best solution for your current requirements, or whether we can refer you and make an introduction to one of the many other coaching providers available.


The Million dollar question! In order to best answer that, we offer a 30min complimentary coaching call, so we can learn a little more about each other, to establish what is the right course of action and whether My TrueNORTH is the best solution for your current requirements, or whether we can refer you and make an introduction to one of the many other coaching providers available.


Yes. In college and university, I studied Psychology and Sociology gaining an HND in Social Sciences. From there I moved into teaching and gained a degree in Adult Education. I maintained my interest in the human body and studied Emergency Medical Sciences at degree level, specialising in Trauma (Both Physical and Mental).

Since leaving the British Army, I studied Nero Linguistics (NLP) and gained my Master practitioner certificate in 2014.

In 2020/21 I completed 2 Open university qualifications: a ‘LEVEL 5’ in Business Ethics, and a ‘LEVEL 7’ in International Business Leadership. And completed both Business and Money Mastery training with the world-renown Personal Coach – Tony Robbins.

I am a registered member of the International Association of Professional Coaching and a Member of the International Association of NLP Practitioners.

Aside from my academic qualifications, I’ve got over 20 years of experience in running 4 of my own businesses, co-foundering 2 others, and a former Non-Exec Director for a multi-million-pound management consultancy.

My Commanding Officer advised me it would cost well over £100K in training to replace me in the Regiment.  I’ve dwarfed that figure several times over, in the amount of investment I’ve committed (and continue to) in my own Personal and Profesional Development since then.

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