Online Business Mastermind Groups


As a solopreneur / Micro Business Owner, the challenges you face every day come thick and fast…

Every second of every day counts, with tight budgets, tough competition, and a forever changing landscape.

Our Virtual Masterclass programmes give you a safe and secure community of fellow business owners, where you can spend some time working collaboratively ON the business, not forever IN the business. (Michael Gerber – E-Myth)

And in so doing, raise your awareness of possibility, improve efficiencies and help you to Significantly and Sustainably grow both you and your business. By choosing the RIGHT path towards YOUR Success Summit™.

Jay is a phenomenal mentor for business development.

He has effectively redirected my focus to ensure 100% of my effort is dedicated to the most important tasks necessary to grow my business into the vision we developed. I now have the necessary perspective to move forward and confidently conquer the mountain before me!

Neil Wattier

Resilience Trainer, USA

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of almost £1500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!



Sole Decision Maker

You are currently the Sole Decision maker and forever conscious you may not always have all the information required to make the best decisions for both you and your business.


Business Operator

You are mindful you spend more and more time IN the business, that other aspects of your life (like family, health, social) suffer.



The constant demand on your time prevents you from up-skilling your own knowledge and abilities and risks the business falling behind current/future trends.



Get unbiased feedback from both an international award-winning Business Mentor and a team of fellow business owners. Offering you invaluable insight, knowledge and feedback with absolute confidentiality. The only agenda is to help each other succeed.

Work / Life Balance

Learn how to create better work-life balance from other business owners. Gain insight into the leadership skills and processes you need for more efficient and effective operations.

Entrepreneur Vault

Aside from each SAS Pathfinder Mastermind, you also gain access to our forever growing VAULT of information, including downloads, cheat sheets, templates, interviews with Subject Matter Experts etc. ALL our resources and advice are geared to help you to Significantly And Sustainable GROW both personally and professionally.

Within 4 months of joining Jay’s Virtual Mastermind, I had matched my previous year’s turnover. Within 6, I was set to double it.

I’ve bought a new car, and a motorbike, a deposit for my first house and an engagement ring for my partner. I have never been busier and loving it. I cannot thank Jay and all my fellow Mastermind members enough for all it has generated for me and my business.

Steve Carr

Founder, Mind Canyon

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of almost £1500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!

9 Reasons to join a VIRTUAL Mastermind


Removing that feeling of ‘being in this on your own’ is a huge confidence booster when making bigger decisions. Having a non-bias, a team of trusted advisors is crucial to making those decisions, and who better than a team who have made a pledge to help each other Significantly And Sustainable GROW.

Digital LIVE!

Whilst COVID has seen many more move towards digital delivery. We’ve been hosting digital coaching/training/masterclasses for over 4 years.

No time wasted in travel, minimal carbon footprint, and delivered STRAIGHT into your office/home to minimise downtime and make every second count.

Band of Brothers (and Sisters)

What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail? Having a team of trusted advisors who are fully committed to the Significant And Sustainable growth of both you and your business, enables everyone the chance to REALLY open up, and share the BIG problems we ALL face. This level of trust and honesty enables the biggest learnings and delivers the biggest results.

Time Management

There are only ever 24Hrs in a day, so it becomes far more important to learn how best to USE that time more effectively and efficiently to enable a new level of results to emerge. Our proven Time Management for Entrepreneurs defies the teachings of many other ‘time management’ concepts and aides you to make better decisions quicker and with more confidence.

Aspire to Insire

By sharing with others, not only are you benefiting from the knowledge, experience, background, qualifications etc of others, you are also helping others to overcome hurdles they don’t even know exist! But by doing so, you also benefit from learning of others and the hurdles they face, which in turn ensures you are ideally placed to either avoid, circumnavigate or at the very least be on the front foot for if and when you are presented with them also.

Accelerate together

Some of my own GREATEST achievements within my own business have originated from listening, learning, contributing to the unpicking of a hurdle and finding a solution for a fellow mastermind member during a dissect and dissolve session. By listening to others, and helping to resolve their hurdles, it also better prepares us for dealing with our own. Therefore, the more we learn, the more we can then earn!


Life is what happens, whilst you are making plans” John Lennon.

It might have worked for the Beatles, but NOT on any of our Virtual Mastermind programmes. We will ensure you are making GREAT strides within your business and are FULLY committed to achieving more. Our ongoing accountability will reinvigorate your passion and purpose to ensure every day counts.

Bigger, Better, Bolder

The more bottlenecks we face, the more hurdles we overcome, the more considerations we have to make, the better we become at solution providing. What’s more, by doing it in a safe and secure environment alongside other business owners, you are able to address, review and overcome problems in other peoples businesses, and protect yourself from ever having to face them on your own!

Because YOU'RE worth it

This is not a COST, but an investment. And not in My TrueNORTH, but in YOU. Those who join a Virtual Mastermind programme recognise the need to continually push themselves, to learn more, implement more, do more, and be more. We only ever get out of life, what we are prepared to put in, and working through the Virtual Mastermind programme enables you, and others to accelerate that experience

What’s included in VIRTUAL Mastermind…

LIVE Monthly Masterclass

EVERY month, we go LIVE (programme delivered via Zoom) to deliver an ADDAZERO Foundation MASTERCLASS. Complete with workbook these are delivered LIVE to ensure they are bespoke to those on the training with interaction through and Q&A on completion. Empowering you as a business owner to learn more about the 8 elements required within every business looking to love from growth to SCALE.

LIVE Monthly Mastermind

EVERY month, we go LIVE (programme delivered via Zoom) and pose one question:

What is the one biggest hurdle you are currently facing, which once resolved will make the biggest difference to both you and your business?

Then it’s over to you, as we work collectively to listen, learn, share and support each other on overcoming hurdles, finding breakthrough solutions that can be immediately implemented to aide progress.

Entrepreneur's Vault

All Masterclasses & Mastermind sessions are recorded, and then uploaded into our MEMBERS ONLY area. Along with a rafter of other #ADDAZERO resources we make available to our Virtual Mastermind members. This includes (but is not restricted to) Templates, Downloads, Cheat Sheets, Checklists, Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts

There are a lot of great coaches out there, but far fewer great men. I can confidently say that Jay Allen is undoubtedly both.

If you’re serious about the success of your business, and your future happiness, then don’t let another minute pass without scheduling a free unconditional conversation. This man changed my life

John Durkin

Founder, Business Psychologist

Next Steps…

With nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Do you, and your business a favour, and click on the link below to book your complimentary call with one of our Global Award Winning Scale Sherpa’s.

We’ll answer all your questions, pose a few also, and ensure this is the best fit, for your current requirements in being able to #ADDAZERO to your Personal Disposable Income

You get to experience this SINGLE USE VIP Experience for just

That's a saving of almost £1500 compared to the monthly fee some of our 1:1 clients invest for our exclusive mentoring services!