My TrueNORTH – Core Values


In our Mission statement, we’ve shared our vision and values:

To help 1,000,000 Business Owners to significantly and sustainably grow both them and their businesses with the aim to #ADDAZERO to their Personal Disposable Income!

However, to be able to achieve this, there are a number of things that must be in place:

  1. Our Business Plan must be written, up-to-date, followed closely and reviewed regularly.
  2. Our Mission Statement needs to have ‘Buy in’ by EVERYONE who reads it, be that Investors, Directors, Employee’s, Associates, Clients and Enquiries!
  3. Our Vision must be big enough to ignite the aspirations of all
  4. Our Values must resonate with who we are not just how we are
  5. Our Culture must reflect this in all we do.

My TrueNORTH – Vision

My TrueNORTH is committed to the significant and sustainable growth of ourselves and our clients. We will always remain within our Culture Statement, thus making sure that everyone who works with My TrueNORTH, will grow both personally and professionally, ultimately with the aim to #ADDAZERO.


My TrueNORTH remain committed to our own personal and professional development  To educate ourselves, our clients and all those with whom we work with. We will do this in a multitude of ways, from Conferences and Seminars, masterclasses and workshops, through to audio, video, webinar, podcast, books, eBooks and workbooks.


My TrueNORTH work with Business OWNERS and Key Decision Makers, whether they be SME or PLC. All our clients remain open to allow us to help them in achieving their goals, and be able to take on our commitment to them by returning their commitment to My TrueNORTH and the program(s) they have enrolled into.

They will be open to both suggestion and feedback, remain honest in all their undertakings, hard working in achieving their goals and willing to learn and grow as a team player not at the detriment of others.


We work best with those with the right attitude than size, those who are open to working in a collaborative format and understand the importance of this.
We offer an all-encompassing approach to the scale of both business and business owner, through all we do and support others to understand and embrace a more effective work-life balance.

My TrueNORTH – Culture Statement

We work with Business owners to help them achieve more, both personally and professionally.  We encourage our clients to think big, expand possibilities and reach for more than they otherwise may have considered possible.

Our culture statement is based on the acronym WE COACH WINNERS:


We strive to deliver products and services of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term. We have adopted the “What would the best in the world do?” mantra to which we measure all against.


We learn from our mistakes. We are consistently seeking new ways to learn and grow so that we can help our team, our colleagues and our clients to learn and grow also. We are change facilitators, enabling others to make their own intelligent decisions about their future remembering that it is their future. We impart practical knowledge rather than just theory or presumption.


We are 100% committed to this process.  We do so without reservation and are willing to try new things in the development of both self and our business.  We remain committed to being open to suggestion and feedback and acknowledge all is done in the pursuit of excellence.


We are fully responsible for our actions and outcomes and accept responsibility for everything that happens in our work and life. We are accountable for our results and acknowledge that for anything external to change, we may first have to change.


We focus our thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. We are willing to both win and enable others to win also. We have a winning attitude and shall encourage others to adopt one also.


We speak positively of ourselves, our business, our fellow colleagues, our customers and suppliers both publicly and privately. We speak with purpose, consideration and good intent. We do not engage in idle gossip. We acknowledge what is being said as true for whoever is speaking at that moment and take responsibility for the responses we give to that communication. We always acknowledge if we have caused upset (even if unintended) and look for a WIN/WIN/WIN solution.


We will remain honest and true, and only ever make commitments to ourselves and others that we are willing and intend to keep.


We have a balanced approach to life, remembering that our spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are just as important as our financial and intellectual. We complete our work with the most important tasks first, so we can have quality time to ourselves, our family and to review.


We are a team player and team leader. We do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals. We focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise. We are flexible in our work and able to change if what we are doing is not working. We ask for help when needed and are compassionate to others who ask us.


We do things right, not because people are watching, but because it is the right thing to do. We do not ‘cut corners’ or ‘make do’. We remain noble to our cause and honourable in our actions.


We acknowledge that not everything will go to plan first time every time.  We DO NOT see this as failure, but feedback.  We acknowledge there must be failure in order to celebrate success, and rather than blame, we look for reasons that we may pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, and get back in the fight!


We view our life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated.  We create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so all around us enjoy it as well.


We say thank you and show appreciation often and, in many ways.  That those around us know that we appreciate them. We celebrate our wins and the wins of our colleagues, our teams, our clients and our competitors!


When challenges arise, we use a ‘system’ correction before ‘people’ correction. We continually look to improve the system to further aid and support the people, and then follow the system exactly until a new system is introduced. Where we see opportunity, we always volunteer intervention early to improve systems, processes and people.

We have also chosen to ‘do away with’ Terms and Conditions of employment’.

Instead replacing them with a simple set of ATTITUDES and BEHAVIOURS to which ALL can be challenged and measured!

My TrueNORTH – Attitudes & Behaviours

  1. We don’t ‘clock watch’ but work a full and fair day.
    We understand people have lives outside of work and so encourage a Family Friendly work life balance by providing a flexible work schedule.
  2. We are a positive team who are proud of our work and committed to our mission. We are supportive of our colleagues and foster a creative and fun culture both in and out of work.
  3. We listen and learn. We recognise and reward good thinking as well as good doing. We ask for help when it’s required and don’t tolerate foolish or ill-considered language or behaviour.
  4. We respect all our customers all the time. We keep promises and reward great customer service.
  5. We run a profitable business by thinking first, and then efficiently and effectively acting. Doings things right first time, every time – Customer Centric in all our undertakings.
  6. We work hard, play hard and take time out for lunch in order to maintain a tidy workspace a healthy mind, body and business.

If these resonate with you, we’d love to have a conversation.  If they don’t, then perhaps we are not the right solution for your requirements!

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