My TrueNORTH BaseCamp

Are you still working too much in the business, to have sufficient time to work on the business?

Have you hit a ‘Glass ceiling’ that you are uncertain how to break through?

Do you want a proven scale-up methodology to support your ongoing growth?


Everest Base Camp is either one of two base camps on either side of Mount Everest.
South Base Camp is located in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364m and North Base Camp is at 5,5150m in Tibet.

In the context of My TrueNORTH, this means our coaching/mentoring is best suited to those who are already working full-time within their business. Have begun trading and generating a regular monthly revenue.  You are likely to have already taken on a small team (Either directly or through sub-contracting/outsourcing or associates) and generating north of £100K in revenue.


And – just like scaling Everest, ALL My TrueNORTH clients start at Basecamp

It starts by completing your #ADDAZERO Scaleup Audit and determining what is working well, and what needs attention.

Basecamp concentrates on the four foundational pillars required within every business:


Marketing – Sales – Operations – Finance

Depending on the findings of the Audit, agreed actions and speed of application, clients spend between several weeks and several months at Basecamp, ensuring both you and the business have all that is required to regularly and rhythmically generate a regular predictable profit.

Once we both agree this has been achieved, we progress to Explorer…



The level of investment required to access Basecamp is currently:

Single pay: £9,997* or Split pay: A deposit of £2,497 + 6 x instalments of £1,497*

*+VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice



Jay is a phenomenal mentor for business development.

He has effectively redirected my focus to ensure 100% of my effort is dedicated to the most important tasks necessary to grow my business into the vision we developed. I now have the necessary perspective to move forward and confidently conquer the mountain before me!

Neil Wattier

Resilience Trainer, USA

WOW! Where has this company been all my life?

From the first meeting and throughout every other, Jay took the time to explain everything we needed to know and more. and helped us to think bigger and really be confident with our decisions. We are definitely going to continue working with Jay on the scale-up of our business.

Chloe Coleman

Business Owner, Coleman Creative Academy | Studios

Next Steps


Before we begin working with anyone, we insist that people have seen, read and agree to the Terms of Service under which we provide all our Workshops/Masterclasses, VIP Days and Ongoing Coach/Mentoring Services.  It’s critical for both parties to be clear as to what we are agreeing to.


Only once this has been signed, can we invite you to make the required investment in you and your future.  We offer the opportunity to benefit from a 20% saving, by making a single annual investment, or if you prefer to split the investment by making an initial deposit, followed by 6 monthly instalments. All payments are to be received in Great British Pounds and can be paid by either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card.

Welcome Call

On confirmation of investment, you shall then be taken to ‘Calendly’ our booking scheduler inviting you to book your Welcome ‘Onboarding’ Call.  On which, I can answer any questions you may have, and schedule our first quarter’s sessions together.