My TrueNORTH Explorer

You’ve now completed My TrueNORTH Explorer?

Moved from Business Operator to Business Owner and ready to become a Company Leader?

And ready to Summit to Business Mastery?


Everest, the world’s highest mountain Summit is some 8848m above sea level. The actual summit of the mountain is a small dome of snow about the size of a dining room table. There’s room for a half dozen or so to stand and enjoy the view.

Within business, this translates to our Summit coaching/mentoring tailored to those who have successfully completed Explorer and are ready to Summit to Business Mastery. It is suited to those who already have an established in-house team, and are likely to be generating a revenue north of £3M pa.

Some clients who have completed Explorer choose to ascend to Summit. (Others ‘step off’ for a few years to enjoy their newfound freedom, and return to Summit 2-3 years later)

Here, we dive even deeper into all the pillars we have already covered, applying the Kaizen philosophy of incremental improvements to what is already in place and adding to with an additional layer of automation, and devolution of direct responsibility. We then add to this, with the final pillars required to move from scale to exit:

NPS/Benchmarking – Team – M&A/Exit Planning

Depending on the desired outcomes of the business/business leader and speed of application, we spend between a few months to several months ensuring you have all the business requires to replicate, automate, and evolve without your ongoing engagement. 

Once we both agree this has been achieved, some choose to progress to join our B.B.C. Alumni…



The level of investment required to access Summit is:

Single pay: £19,997* or Split pay: 12 x monthly instalments of £1,997*

*+VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice



Jay is a brilliant business coach.

He is thoughtful and has great insight into all aspects of running a business. I really value his advice and help. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his encouragement and support.

Elizabeth Ward

Proprietor, Virtuoso Legal

I engaged with Jay’s 1:1 mentorship programme through a particularly difficult time in the company’s evolution. He was very quick to have a good understanding of the company, its position, direction and challenges. And since then, has been pivotal in the business’s continued growth and development.

We have achieved more in the last year than we had in the last 13!  I am forever grateful to him for the ongoing support we receive, and a customer for life.

Nick Barnes

CEO, National Centre for Suicide Prevention & Training

Next Steps


It starts with a Holistic Business Review. To ensure everything is in place and working, and to set a new set of BFHAG stretch goals including growth through M&A, and to discuss/begin Exit Planning. From here, we can determine which of these summits you wish to attain and master.


It’s also time to update the level of investment required for the final part of your journey. As before, we offer the opportunity to benefit from a 20% saving, by making a single annual investment, or if you prefer to split the investment across 12 monthly instalments. All payments are to be received in Great British Pounds and can be paid by either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card.


On confirmation of investment, we can begin to schedule our first quarter’s sessions together. And determine how you’d like to receive these, digitally, in person at our offices in Warrington, Cheshire, or onsite at your place of work.