In this blog I’d like to share with a simple method to grow your business by AT LEAST 20% Guaranteed!

Aside from my role as a Business SCALE coach, I’m also an international motivational speaker, and I’d been invited to present at a trade show, where there was both an exhibition hall and conference centre.  I was booked as the closing speaker, to motivate and inspire the business owners in attendance and leave them with a clear message of what they should do to significantly and sustainably grow their businesses.

As always, I arrived early and chose to wander around the exhibition hall and see who’s there and what’s on offer.

There was the usual suspects selling printing, corporate gifts, the latest gadgets and gizmo’s, and then I caught sight of a sign which read:

GUARANTEED to increase productivity by 20%
(or your money back)

A 20% increase in productivity, GUARANTEED or my money back?  Surely this was a print error? There’s NO WAY anyone would GUARANTEE a 20% increase in productivity, especially with a 100% money back offer?

I approached the gentleman on the stand, and enquired after the secret elixir?

And the conversation went as follows:

“Imagine for 1 second, that I could provide you with a solution which increased workflow and increased productivity.  Imagine if that productivity increased across your entire workforce, and wasn’t just for a short while or a week or so, but constantly”

 “Imagine for 1 second further, the additional revenue that would generate for you, your family, the workforce and the business, and the impact that would have on you, your wife, your kids, your staff’s families, your customers, clients and suppliers”

 “What might that be worth to you?”

I did some quick calculations, and quickly realised this elixir was not only worth tens of thousands of pounds, but also the longer-term impact on the families of both me and my colleagues was immeasurable.

“Before I go any further, I also want to share with you this elixir comes with a 100% money back guarantee, that if you apply it and it doesn’t have a 20% uplift in productivity which lasts for as long as you continue to implement it, we will GLADLY return EVERY PENNY of your initial investment – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!”

 “What might you choose to invest right here, right now, TODAY for this secret elixir?”

I knew this was a well-presented sales presentation, but I was already hooked, and quickly wracking my brain as to how I could raise sufficient investment to purchase this, without either insulting his intelligence or bankrupting the business in the meantime.

“If this does all you claim, and the guarantee is as valid as you state, this is worth several hundred thousand pounds to me.  However, there is no way I could raise anything like that TODAY.  I currently have a £15,000 limit on my credit card.  I wonder if you might accept that, even if only a down payment?”

The man smiles, and agreed to accept my payment as FULL and FINAL

We completed a sales agreement form, and he then revealed to me the secret 2 Step elixir:

Step 1

  1. Write down a list of EVERYTHING that MUST be done TOMORROW.
  2. Get everyone else to write down THEIR list of everything THEY must do TOMORROW.
  3. Share your list with them and get them to share theirs with you.
  4. Add to the list anything you have now remembered based on your sharing with others!

Step 2

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Before you ask, I wasn’t charged anything like the £15,000 I’d offered, I never asked for a refund, and has proven to be the most impactful thing we have ever used to continually improve performance.