I was on a call yesterday with a management accountant, who was seeking further information on our accountant’s partnership programme, enabling their clients to access our #ADDAZERO SCALE methodology.

We had gone through the pleasantries, background and what our SCALE programmes consist of before he ‘popped the question’.

So, I gave him a Step-by-Step Guide on exactly how we are currently working with a client to #ADDAZERO…


We identified his SUCCESS plan was more of a SURVIVE plan, so we worked to overcome this. They had little REAL knowledge of the demographics and psychographics of their current clients so were unable to market effectively to either them or others like them. Once completed, this piece of work alone added more than £36,000 additional revenue to their business.


Now it’s time to review pricing! They didn’t have a coherent pricing policy. Their sales skills failed to acknowledge peoples buying habits. More than 88% of businesses get their pricing strategy wrong, comparing it to everyone else and ‘fitting in’. We completed a full price analysis and found opportunities to amend, package and re-purpose all their products/services which added an additional £3,750pcm in sales. And once an experienced sales manager joined the team, they added £51,000 in the first 8 months of being there.


Their customer service was at best average, and had NO measurement or management applied to it at all. By applying our customer experience module, we were able to increase loyalty value more than 200% resulting in more than £71,500 in additional revenue in the first year, but also most likely to reduce customer attrition rate, whilst increasing life time value.


Eventually we turn our attention to team and establish what to do in order to build a dynamic team of positive people all working to SMASHING personal, team and business targets! – This has cost the business an additional salary, however this is to manage the new workload and is enabling the business to #ADDAZERO!


Additional Revenue: Circa £229,000

Additional Costs: Circa £50,500

Net Growth: Circa £178,500

Investment to achieve: LESS THAN 7% of Net Growth!

Are YOU ready to #ADDAZERO?

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