It was Einstein who described the definition of insanity as:

“Doing the same thing again and again, still hoping for a different outcome” 

And yet, as Business owners, with everything resting on our shoulders, we can often find ourselves doing the same thing, simply because we are uncertain as to what else to do!

As part of our MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business Owners to Significantly and Sustainably grow both them and their businesses, during the COVID lockdown in the UK we hosted a series of “Just Ask Jay” sessions. Inviting business owners to participate as I pose the question:

“What is the one BIGGEST hurdle you are currently facing, which once resolved will make the BIGGESt difference to both you and your business?”

At 13.00Hrs GMT on 3 July 2020 we hosted the first of these sessions.  Here is a recording of what took place!

REMEMBER, there is SO MUCH we can learn from other people. Other peoples businesses, other peoples questions. Pay particular attention to WHAT is asked, (the question, and the question behind the question) It may well be the ONE thing you are YET to face in the growth and scale of YOUR business!

10 July 2020

NEWS is spreading, and this afternoon we were joined by more Business Leaders seeking to pose their question and get some help, guidance, and support from a 2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner on how to dissect a problem and find a solution!

With everything from Sales, Marketing, Message, Vision, Values, Recruitment, Restrictions, Team and Time we had another BUMPER hour (and a bit) together. ALL which can be heard here:

17 July 2020

Another week, another set of business owners keen to get their question answered!  This week appeared to follow a theme – Marketing! We covered LinkedIn, Networking, Ideal Target Client, Being authentic, Message, Resilience and so much more! And OH BOY, did I end up giving away some TOP DRAW content!

You can catch it, by clicking here:

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