lemmingsIn the cut throat world of commerce, it is far too easy to ‘get your head down, and get on with it’ keep doing the doing, working harder and harder in an attempt to be victorious. Many have set their eye on the goal, and ensured everything within them is geared towards achieving that, and theres a lot to be said for motivated, determined and focused thought and action.


What if your sights were misguided, your focus tainted – where then? In a world SO busy, where SO much is going on at such a pace, its often difficult to find the time to stop actually doing the doing and take some proper ‘time out’ to ensure your still heading in the right direction! and I call upon you to make like a meerkat!

You see, the meerkat is a very busy, dedicated and determined type, but works with a team to ensure that whenever many are doing the scurrying around on the ground ‘doing the doing’ there are others who have stopped and taken the time to stand up, look around, survey their surroundings to determine if they are on the right course – they are frequently doing their own SWOT analysis!

In Roger Harrop’s book – Staying in the Helicopter’ he refers to this ‘birds-eye’ view of you and your business to ensure that whilst your busy doing the doing your conscious of the impact it is having outside of your day to day focus but on the peripheral vision and not on a collision course with failure.

In Jim Collin’s book – ‘Good to Great’ he makes the analogy of whether everyone ‘on your bus’ is on the right bus! or whether you need to help a few people off in order to ensure your all heading in the right direction.

In closing todays post, I implore you all to STOP for just a few minutes and determine are you a lemming or a meerkat? Are you so busy doing the doing, following the crowd, the expected norm within your industry that you can’t see the BOOM moment when it all comes crashing down? Or, are you a meerkat, have you got your SWOT team ears and eyes conscious of whats going on around you and the impact it can have!