The key to your success

The Key to your Success

Mastermind HOTSEAT

It’s that time of year again, where there is a lot of talk  about Mastermind Groups. They appear to ‘crop up’ from nowhere, with more and more people offering the chance to join one its hard to know where to start!  There was a recent post on one of the linkedin groups I follow about Masterminding, that got 1291 responses within the first 3 weeks and its still being responded to 4-5 times every hour!

HOWEVER, Masterminding ISN’T to everyone!  In fact, from my significant experience, both as member of a mastermind group, guest speaker or guest coach at countless others, and facilitator of my own series masterminds from ‘mini-masterminds’ to our ‘elite mastermind retreat’ there does have to be a certain type of person who benefits massively from being a member.  But equally there are a number of people, through a whole host of reasons from financial, to size, age or type of business, from the individual themselves and their learning style through to the group dynamic of the team involved, who do not suit a mastermind group.

So, if you’re considering joining one, and would like some impartial advice about the concept of mastermind and whether it might be right for you. I would be delighted to spend 15 minutes talking it through with you.

Simply drop me an email to arrange a time to have a chat about the pro’s and con’s of joining a Mastermind Group. I have certainly found Masterminds are not for most business owners, however they do work exceptionally well for the business owners with the right attitude who wants to achieve significant success.

Here’s what a couple of my recent Mastermind Clients had to say:

Since joining Jay’s Mastermind Group my business has taken some giant leaps forward both in terms of financials but also enjoyment and fun!. Working with Jay has really helped me to nail down each month what needs to happen in my business. Jay is a very good listener. He has a keen perception and he often brings a new perspective to a situation or matter. He brings a wealth of experience from his past career and his mentorship is taking things to another level. Make a smart decision for you, your family and your business and join Jay’s next Mastermind Group. Everybody needs a Jay on their team” – Phil O’Conner

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay on several occasions this year both in group sessions and his Mastermind Group. He is creative yet balanced, a wealth of information and advice and a great communicator and listener. He is one the best things to have come along both to me and my business The 1:1 sessions I have had with him added much value to my business and every time he announces a session I always try to be one of the first in the queue. Can’t rate Jay highly enough” – Jamie Reeves