I can hardly believe it’s the end of November already after I packed my bags in August to test life as a Digital Nomad.

The first stop, was a rather cold and wet Dublin.

Of all the times I’ve flown into Northern Ireland, I’d never been to Dublin. A busy and vibrant metropolis where business was being done everywhere and a sense of optimism and purpose filled the air.

I’d hired an Aparthotel to host a VIP experience for a new client, only to learn (as he arrived) that prior to being converted to an apartment, it had been a marketing / PR agency – the same one he had the company logo designed by 18 years earlier!

We spent the day working on a new offering launch strategy and devised the entire campaign, offering, pricing, target audience demographics etc. That he could walk out and implement with certainty the following day.  And we got time to experience not only a little of the amazing architecture in the city but some great fine dining also.

Next stop, the weather couldn’t have been more different, as we arrived in Bermuda! 

We arrived on the cusp of hurricane season! Which, if you’ve seen films like The Perfect Storm, Twister, and Take Shelter you may be thinking Why on earth would you visit during hurricane season?

The reality is, Bermuda is a tiny island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, just 21 miles long, and less than 2 miles wide.  There is nowhere to evacuate! And so, they have become damn good at weathering the storm.  The entire island is geared to bracing for hurricanes with really solid-built buildings, strong shutters, storm warnings and regular ‘drills’ to ensure minimum disruption.

Several hurricanes passed during the month we were there, and every time a person did their thing and hours later, everything was ship shape and back to normal.

My other observation from being here is determination.

The cost of living in Bermuda is about three times more expensive than in the USA, at least 250% more than in Canada or the UK. And so, if you live on the island, you work and work hard.  The Bermudian entrepreneur is devoted, and creative and doesn’t take no for an answer. 

Next stop, Corfu.  Or rather, A flight to Athens, to hire a car, to drive almost 600 kilometres to Igomenitsa to catch a 90mins ferry into Corfu Port! 

You see, Corfu is a seasonal island. It’s ‘open for business between Early May and Late October when around half a million tourists visit every year. Out of season the island pretty much ‘closes down’ with many returning to family in either mainland Greece, or, further afield, and the population drops to a little below 100K.

Having already been in the summer, and enjoyed the weather, the food and everything being open.  It was a very stark contrast to the high streets boarded up, almost ghost towns as the work for the year is done, and taking a well-earned rest before the 24hrs, 7 days a week for 6 months next summer.

My main observation from being here is balance.

When it’s busy, it’s busy. All effort is geared towards tourism and income generation.  The island is alive, thriving with energy and keen to be ‘of service’. But, with the ying, there is yang. And so, once the last aeroplane has taken flight and the airport closed. The attention turns to family, rest, and recuperation.  All the jobs that didn’t get done in favour of service, now become a priority as the tables are turned, as focus turns elsewhere.

Final stop, Southampton! Another new client to visit and onboard.  As well as having teamed up with Henri Ghijben to host TSA – The Tree Surgeons Academy. A hybrid online/in-person training, mastermind community for Tree Surgeons and Arborists across the UK. 

My main observation from being here is perspective.

Henri has built a thriving community of tree surgeons, all with a devotion to both them and their businesses, as well as family and future prosperity.  However, brute force and determination will only ever get us so far.  And whilst building a business is a priority for us all, putting the right people, systems, and processes in place.  Setting boundaries and non-negotiables. Determining the priorities is essential to prevent burnout, frustration and another trip on the merry-go-round called life!

I’ll be back shortly, with another insight on what I learned from being interviewed LIVE on stage in front of 500 entrepreneurs by Expert Empires CEO – Nick James!