I’ve recently made the decision to cancel a subscription. We signed up a year ago for something that hasn’t proven to be the ‘right fit’ for us, and so when the email came through this morning advising,

So you don’t miss all the great features and benefits, we’re letting you know we’ll automatically renew your subscription in the next 28 days”

It prompted me to log in and scroll through endless pages (eventually using the support function) to find out how to unsubscribe.

However, what happened next appalled me…

Rather than a confirmation that my unsubscribe request had been received, a ‘pop-up’ appeared with 2 ‘offers’ if I remained a member. One of these was for £50 off, the other for £100 towards an upgrade!

Having already made the decision that this wasn’t a ‘good fit’ for the business (and therefore hasn’t been used for the past 10+ months. I declined their ‘offer’ and clicked the less obvious “No thanks, continue to unsubscribe” button.

But it wasn’t over!

No, they had three more offers. Including ‘upping’ their previous £100 off an upgrade to £150 off the upgrade (reducing this to the same price as I’d paid last year for the STANDARD service).

Now, getting angry (as if I’d clicked on the first ‘offer’, I would have still paid £50 more than they are willing to sell it to me), I again struggled to find the less obvious:

I don’t want to grow my business, continue to unsubscribe


But it doesn’t end there either…

This took me to a THIRD screen, where, one by one, I had to tick to confirm I didn’t want any of the 13 ‘features and benefits’ listed in the service offered before I could eventually cancel my membership and unsubscribe

Yet still, it doesn’t end!

I immediately received an email stating that I had now been unsubscribed and that my subscription (due to expiration on 30 July) would no longer be renewed.


Recognise that you’ve made a mistake?

And an offer of £200 off the upgraded subscription if I re-join within the next 10 minutes, complete with a large countdown timer!

Someone, somewhere deep within this company, has sat for hours and constructed a really in-depth sequence of offers to entice people who don’t allow their ‘auto-subscribe’ to take fees for another year from leaving.

They have taken the time and trouble to ensure the OPT-IN button is BIG, ENTICING, and easy to access, while the “No, I want to leave” option is far more discreet, hidden away, and more difficult to access.

They have come up with no less than 7 different ‘offers’ to persuade me to stay, including not once but twice upping their original ‘offer’ along the way.

This shows me how little they understand Customer Journeys or UX

All they have done is annoy me to the point of taking the time to write about it in this post. And whilst I’m not for ‘name and shame’ (it’s not ethical), I’ll NEVER buy from them again. I am more likely to recite my offboarding experience than I am to respond favourably if others ask about my experience of their service.

So many businesses spend a small fortune on SEO, PPC, and ‘OFFERS’ to generate enquiries, leads, prospects, and customers and then fail to either look after them well once they become customers OR provide a great offboarding experience, which in turn can be a great referral recommendation for new customers!

When did you last become a ‘secret shopper’ of your own business? Isn’t it time to review and revise your Customer Journey?

Amanda Daniels headshotI’d gladly recommend Amanda Daniels-Allen and the team at Koogar : Marketing + Alignment. Exceptional insight with pro-active and tailored guidance on HOW to magnetise your marketing and attract your ideal target clients.

We’ve been working with Amanda for a number of years now and have seen exceptional results in ROI and LTV as a direct result of the insights you provide and the action taken.





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