Are you ready to ADDAZERO?

So, your a business owner, currently working too many hours for too little reward?

Your fed up with all the ‘get rich quick’ promises, and overnight success stories?

You simply want to know HOW to take you and your business to the NEXT LEVEL?

GREAT, then at least we’ve established your a lot like me, in that not keen on gimmicks, false promises and ridiculous claims of buying a 7th Ferrari before lunch!

In 2008 I ALMOST lost my business, when a National chain store we had recently begun supplying to, went into administration!  And after, having to make some VERY TOUGH choices on how we were going to survive this, I began to ask HOW?

How was it possible that such a well known high street brand, could get to such a size only to then FAIL?

My research (conducted over 3.5 Years) and looking into the collapse of more than 150 other high street failures, revealed 2 FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS which deemed under certain circumstances they were DESTINED to fail!

I then widened my research to the SME community, and quickly learned more than 80% of businesses demonstrated at least 1 of the 2 flaws!

80% of Business Owners are WRONG

Statistics taken from both British Chamber of Commerce, Federation of small Business and Companies House clearly show ALL businesses can be categorised into 1 of 5 segments:

  • 1% of businesses in every sector and every industry are SMASHING all known targets, industry leaders and going from strength to strength.
  • 4% of businesses are doing VERY well.  A little behind the elusive 1% club, but well on the way to doing exceptionally well.
  • 15% of businesses are doing well.  Making more traditional profits year on year and ‘getting by’.


  • 60% of SME business owners in every sector and every industry admit to ‘struggling’.
  • 20% of businesses are recorded as having failed and either closed or been forced into administration!

What now?

Having identified the FLAW, prevalent in SO MANY businesses, it was crucial to determine how to inform, advise, educate and support business owners to these and how to either avoid or overcome them.  We’ve spent literally years, putting together, testing, reviewing, amending, re-testing our #ADDAZERO Business Challenge prior to launch. And even then, only offered it to businesses we had a good relationship with first, to ensure it really did have the same impact for them as it did for us.

7 National Finalists

With ALL 12 businesses we worked with, reporting significant and sustainable growth, 7 of who went on to become National Entrepreneur of the year award nominee’s we then KNEW this system really does work.

We’ve now made it our MISSION to help 1,000,000 Business owners to #ADDAZERO to their personal disposable income, and we’d love for you to be part of that 10,000.

Before we get started, we’ve devised a Business SCALEABILITY tool as a means of determining your businesses current ability to SCALE without either going or growing broke!  It’s FREE to use, you conduct the audit yourself and there is NO hidden agenda, NO gimmicks or secret sales hidden within it.  Just a genuine desire to help more business owners build significant and sustainable businesses, that THEY can enjoy, and which provides them, their families and their employee’s the lifestyle and future they deserve.

Simply Click on this link: ADDAZEROFoundationSurvey to conduct YOUR #ADDAZERO Foundations Audit. In response to answering these 30 questions, you’ll receive an in-depth, bespoke report on the current SCALEABILITY of your business, with useful information on where to start in order to significantly and sustainably grow.

And, if having completed the audit, you’d LIKE us to provide some help, guidance, support and accountability as you apply these learnings? We’d be only too happy to have a complimentary conversation about you, your business, and your aspirations for the future.

And there you have it…

No Hard Sell (No SELL at all) Simply a desire to share with you the research we have conducted to enable more business owners to achieve more for the efforts they put into running their business.

Maybe that’s why, we’ve twice won Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Awards, and listed on the UK ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100 as The UK’s leading Ethical Coaching Company.

Click on the Link:
to complete your #ADDAZERO Business Foundations audit,
and see for yourself how well you score?