Your simply NOT ready!

It’s never pleasant when someone comes along and bursts your bubble.  You’ve been working extremely hard on your product/service and now “Ready” to present it to the world.  You put on your POWER outfit (The one you feel so damn good in that you grow an extra inch in height) and confidently walk through the door…..

What you are greeted with is SIGNIFICANTLY different to what you had expected.  You’ve rehearsed the handshakes the high fives and the signed contract. But not the

“STOP, STOP, STOP,! Let’s hold it there and have a straight conversation”

You see, just because YOU think what you have to offer is amazing, and everyone you’ve shared it with has agreed with you. Perhaps there is a significant BIAS with those you have asked, and nobody has been willing to tell you the TRUTH

“Your simply not ready”

Maybe, (even if subconsciously) you have approached people you KNOW are going to agree and support you, rather than singled out those who are more likely to be critical!  Yet, surely, before we head through the door on THE DAY to launch this to world, just to be deflated in-front of your Ideal Target Clients in the audience we SHOULD have spent the time in gauging the likelihood that THEY will get it as well!

Yesterday was a tough day, but relevant and necessary, with LOTS of learning to take from it.

“Nobody counts the amount of times you are knocked down. They only marvel at the amount of times you get back up” – Mohammed Ali

The REAL learning, the MOST essential lesson is that of failure, the unexpected result, the one you HAVEN’T rehearsed.  Because it is THAT learning which will help us the most in overcoming the many hurdles we are yet to face, and propel us far further than a smile and a “Well done from your mum!”

I only hope the person I gave this advice to takes it in the manner it was intended, learns from it and comes back once the lessons have been implemented and tries again.

You see Ethical Coaching is about being willing to ask the difficult questions, have the difficult conversations, pull away the veil and show a true reflection back to the originator and help them through what they see.

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