My TrueNORTH Explorer

You’ve now completed My TrueNORTH Basecamp?

Got your Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finances working well?

And now ready to accelerate from Growth to Scale?


Explorer Mentoring: Your Path from Growth to Scale

At My TrueNORTH, we understand that the journey from Basecamp to the Summit of Everest offers 20 recognised routes, each demanding unique skills, capabilities, and a keen aptitude for risk and resilience. This metaphor perfectly aligns with our Explorer Mentoring, specifically designed for those who have successfully completed Basecamp Mentoring and are now ready to explore the diverse pathways to scale their business.

Who is Explorer Mentoring for?

Our Explorer Mentoring is tailored for business owners with an established in-house team and generates an annual revenue of over £500K. These clients have completed the Basecamp stage and are ready to transition from growth to scale.

What to Expect from the Explorer Mentoring Program

Within Explorer Mentoring, we delve deeper into the four fundamental pillars that form the backbone of every business. We both enhance the existing structures and introduce new layers of People, Systems, and Processes. Additionally, we focus on the following growth pillars essential for scaling your business:

  • Mindset and Goal Setting
  • Values and Culture
  • Strategy and Structure

Customised Duration for Sustainable Growth

The duration of Explorer Mentoring varies based on your business goals and the pace at which you wish to implement changes. Typically, our clients spend several months to a couple of years in this stage, ensuring they acquire all the necessary tools and strategies to accelerate from growth to scale in a sustainable manner.

Progressing to the Summit

Upon successfully achieving the objectives of the Explorer stage, many clients choose to advance to Summit Mentoring, finalising their journey to the pinnacle of business success.

By joining our Explorer Mentoring, you access a tailored approach that aligns with your unique business needs, ensuring a sustainable and strategic pathway from growth to scale.


The level of investment required to access Explorer is:

Single pay: £19,997* or Split pay: A deposit of £4,997 followed by 9 instalments of £1,997*

*+VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice

Are you ready to Explore your Route to the Summit?



You will not find a coaching company more deserving of it’s name or accolades.

Jay Allen is the most genuine and ethical coach you could ever meet. He is very skilled and generous with it. The vision, clarity and direction he has brought to our business has been transformational.

Helen Sewelle

Proprietor, Fractional CFO

Jay brings a different perspective to the table, that makes you challenge everything.

I’ve worked with a number of coaches before, but none quite like Jay. He lives and breathes his work, is completely devoted to his clients, and tailors his approach to each in such a way that you know you are working with a true profesional, whose got your back. 

Amanda Daniels-Allen

Customer Journey Consultant, Koogar

Next Steps


It starts with an in-depth Holistic Business Review. To ensure everything is in place and working and to agree on a new set of BFHAG stretch goals for the next 12, 24 and 36 months. From here, we can determine which of those 20+ routes (Business Scale Models) is best suited for your desired outcome.


It’s also time to update the level of investment required for the next part of your journey. As before, we offer the opportunity to benefit from a 20% saving by making a single annual investment. Or if you prefer to split the investment, we offer the option to make an initial deposit, followed by 9 monthly instalments. All payments are to be received in Great British Pounds and can be paid by either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card.


On confirmation of investment, we can begin to schedule your Deep Dive Holistic Business Review, and our first quarter’s sessions together. And determine how you’d like to receive these, digitally, or in person at our offices in Warrington, Cheshire.