Exactly what is #ADDAZERO?

GREAT Question I get asked that a lot.

The quick answer is, it’s a proven, accredited Methodology we support Business Leaders to implement within their companies to Significantly and Sustainably Scale.

But to answer it more fully, you would need to know the origins of this, and why we’ve made it our mission to eradicate unemployment in the UK!

My first business was grossly impacted by the sudden and rather unexpected closure of Woolworths in 2008.  At the time, we were one of hundreds (if not thousands) of suppliers to the High Street Giant, and had SEVEN employees working on the contract.  That was until Deloittes placed them into administration and with it our multi 6 figure contract!

And whilst we performed a Business turnaround for our own business, the cost of which wasn’t just financial, but physical and emotional. And one I vowed I didn’t want any other Business Owner to have to face.  So, I set about to determine what causes good businesses to fail.

It led me to becoming a guest lecturer on the MBA programme and heading up a team of MBA business analysts researching the cause of more than 150 National Business Failures, and subsequently surveying more than 100K SME Business Owners.

We’ve used that Data to create, test, review, revise, retest and apply a comprehensive business methodology that enables business owners to significantly and sustainably grow both themselves and their businesses, with the competence and confidence to make bigger, bolder, brighter decisions in the knowledge they have the people, systems and processes to mitigate the risk of failure.


It was only once we began to implement this, first within our own business, and subsequently with those we were currently working, that we acknowledged the opposite of failure is success.  And, with the relevant elements in place to mitigate failure, all that was left is success.

Owing to its ongoing success in supporting business leaders to transform both themselves and their businesses, it became known as #ADDAZERO

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