One to One Mentorship – Summit™

In the same way that every successful athlete or sports team has a great coach; mentoring them to achieve more than they could on their own, your business can too…


8 Benefits of One-to-One Business Mentorship (Summit™)

  1. Empowers and motivates both your personal and professional development
  2. An independent advisor and sounding board
  3. Agreed areas of improvement and planned roadmap
  4. Analysis of sales, profit and cash flow for growth
  5. Discussions driven by the current business needs
  6. Explore time management skills and where improvements can be made
  7. Uncover alternate markets to explore and expand
  8. Determine how to successfully exit

Jay is someone that makes a difference.

Whether it’s growing your business, overcoming adversity, or simply a dose of inspiration, he over delivers in all areas. He is always willing to help, offer support and when needed get to work and deliver, I can only see excellent things happening to you and your business when you engage with this guy.

Brenden Chaplin

Director, Performance Coach

One to One ADDAZERO Business Mastery

Jay Allen is a 2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner, Listed in the UK on the ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100.

Working alongside you, he will essentially bring three things to the table:

  1. The strategies and tools to SCALE your business
  2. The knowledge of how to apply this patented #ADDAZERO SCALE Methodology
  3. Hold you accountable, to ensure you do the things agreed that will help you achieve your STRETCH goals.

Jay is essentially your experienced, objective guide to mentor you in SCALING your business to its highest level of profitability.  He will be your best, unreasonable friend who will tell you how it is, not how you would like it to be.

I’ll ask the questions nobody else is asking
that you can achieve the results, nobody else is capable of

Many business owners fail to achieve everything their business is capable of, purely down to a lack of accountability of the business owner.

Furthermore, they often stint their own businesses growth either through a lack of knowledge as to how to take it to the next level, or the confidence to do what’s necessary to achieve it successfully and sustainably.

It’s not your fault,…. BUT it’s ALL your fault!

You see, whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, many business owners fall, unintentionally into the trap of BUSY-ness within their business.

They find things that continually need doing, their attention, their consideration, their input, none of which are in the business or growth plans. And it’s this unexpected noise and distraction that is stifling the growth of both you and your business from truly becoming all it was meant to be.

Jay is both the friendly shoulder, the kick up the A***, and everything in between, to ensure you remain laser-focused on only applying effort to the things that REALLY matter!

What next?

If you’re ready to work directly with the founder of the #ADDAZERO Business methodology? To do what it takes to see WHAT your business is capable of, and looking to SCALE and/or EXIT then waste no more time, in booking a DISCOVERY CALL.

I engaged with Jay’s 1:1 mentorship programme through a particularly difficult time in the companies evolution. He was very quick to have a good understand of the company, its position, direction and challenges. And since then, has been pivotal in the businesses continued growth and development. 

We have achieved more in the last year, than we had in the last 13!  I am forever grateful to him for the ongoing support we receive, and a customer for life.

Nick Barnes

CEO, National Centre for Suicide Prevention & Training

Together we will:

  • Analyse where you are now
  • What you can achieve and…
  • The hurdles you are likely to face

Then we will…

  • Dig deep into areas for improvement and…
  • Agree on a road map for you, your business, and the SCALE/EXIT plan


What’s involved?

We start with a Business SCALE Audit. Looking at what you have in place right now and testing both its sustainability and stress testing its durability.

Then we speak with the Senior Leadership Team to understand motive, values, motivation.

This enables us to produce a detailed bespoke report on the current scalability of the business (measured against our patented SCALE methodology)

Based on our extensive research into more than 150 BIG businesses, and the subsequent data of over 117K SME businesses. Coupled with our experience having now helped implement this into more than 500 clients’ businesses.

We work with both the owner/manager and the Senior Leadership Team based on the findings within the report. To investigate, review, tweak, recommend the amendments, changes, or considerations required to accelerate the business both significantly and sustainably.

Whilst the results rarely show ‘overnight’…

What we do know is, no less than 8 of our clients have subsequently gone on to become National Finalists in Entrepreneur of the Year Awards as a direct result of implementing this methodology, with many others winning either regional or industry-specific awards for growth and entrepreneurship.

You can read further examples of this by visiting our CASE STUDIES

If you are ready to SCALE / EXIT, simply click to schedule time with Jay.

Jay is no ordinary business coach and puts his client’s life, love of their work and purpose at the core of everything he does, in a truly supportive and unique way.

S. Hulme

Managing Director, Assista Healthcare